Saturday, 20 June 2015

Outfit: Roadkill Skrik

It's been such a cold summer so far >A<
but it can't stop us from blowing some summery bubbles.

My favourite and first pieces from Black Milk were these art ones.
I'm glad they've started to make more of them again...
I just haven't been buying those lovely pieces anymore.

 I love these leggings so much! 
They just aren't always appropriate... but for slides they are.

 Meet Roadkill, my new backpack.

I've studied in art schools for 3 years (wasn't in one this year) 
and this is my first time getting an undercut :'D

This lipstick is Blow by Melt cosmetics.

Bows: Lavender Latte
Dress: Black Milk
Leggings: Black Milk
Shirt: thrifted
Backpack: thrifted
Lips: Melt cosmetics


  1. I'm DYING over your entire outfit!!! That dress is pure perfection. ;______;<3333333

    Vegetarian Courtesy

  2. Art history inspired clothing is always the best. Ohh, melt cosmetics! I haven't tried any of their products but have been eyeing their lipsticks for some time now.

    ♡ Dulce

    1. Thank you, Dulce :) I think so too!
      Yeah, this is my first piece from melt cosmetics. I really like the unique shade. They have so many nice colours in their collection <3

  3. The print on your dress is amazing! Rad leggings! <3

    - Anna

    1. Thank you, Anna :D
      We like the print so much that the dress is hanging next to our bed :')


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