Thursday, 4 June 2015

Outfit: Buy Me sushi

I love sushi. It's my favourite kind of food.
And Ilar knows it. He surprises me with a sushi meal from time to time.
It makes me happy!
(Our favourite place to buy sushi is Hanko Sushi)

These glasses remind me of sushi so... here they are!
(they are Ilar's btw :))

I little girl said that these shoes are so high heeled.

This shirt is adorable! I love the print and meal red.
The only down side is that it's quite short...
If I raise me hand up my down boob can be seen.

But it can be fixed with a cute bra or a longer top underneath.
Plus it's okay when you're wearing a short top at home ;)

We saw a pirate ship which was cool.

The upper seam of the skirt was a bit loose for me so I tried to cover it with my melon peplum.
I think it worked out fine :)

Hat: Fredrikson
Glasses: Ebay
Collar: shopsucrenoir
Top and skirt: Minga London
Melon peplum: Black milk
Here is the hand that feeds me... with sushi!

We need more oil coloured things in our life.

Hat: Christy's London
Vest: thrifted
shoes: Irregular choice


  1. Your outfits are amazing!! And I love veggie sushi. :9
    I always think of you and your blog when I see bright colored garments and objects. Hahahah

    Vegetarian Courtesy

    1. thank you, Adi <3 <3 My favourite sushi is wakame :D
      Aww, that's such a wonderful thing to say >w< thank you!!!

  2. I love your dude's vest. I want it! :D Also, your outfit is fantastic. It has a total Harley Quinn vibe!

    - Anna

    1. Yes! It was such a great find :D Thank you so much!! Harley is cool :'D


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