Monday, 8 June 2015

Life update, upcoming project + new moomin mug!

Another quick life update post once again. So, we were at another art school qualification exam last week (Read last life update post here to learn more here). School we're applying this time is in Turku (one of the more bigger cities located on the southwestern coast of Finland). It's quite far away from the point we're living in about 1 and half hour drive. So, yea.. Lot of driving for a people who are used to everything be accessible with Helsinki's bus and/or metro (and tram). We're waiting for results to come at the end of month.

So, Turku. It's really beautiful city and we wouldn't mind moving there this summer if it's necessary. All though we'd miss our little island in Helsinki. We'd absolutely move back to Helsinki after we'd finished the school there. But only if we get accepted to the school.

We shoot part of our upcoming project there. Lookbook video, Lind's 7 days of clothes. Filmed during our exam week. Seven outfits; what she wore that week. So, look forward on that one. I am currently editing it. I am quite slow editor, bear with me. ;)

What I want to talk about briefly is this new Moomin mug. It's Sweden exclusive and it's only sold in Sweden but Lind's mom kindly managed to buy one for us when Lind's parents visited Sweden last week. Mug is part of campaign for taking care of Swedish nature. We have a lot of Moomin mugs and Moomin stuff in general. Read my opinions post about our mugs here.

Mug came with a sticker that said in Swedish:
Moomin - Keep Sweden tidy! We donate 15 crowns to HSR (= Swedish society for nature conservation. Click link to read more)

So, about the mug. What is my opinion about it? Well, mug is cute and looks great. It's not my one of my favourites though. I like the fact that Moomin mamma is washing rugs with a phosphate and Edward the booble is coming up like: ''Are you doing something I am supposed to know?''. It's the best part.
Mug is quite colourful. I approve that.
What I am not the biggest fan of is composition. I don't really like the fact that mug only has ''one large picture'' spread through the mug. I prefer two pictures instead of one large. I don't think it fits well to mugs round shape as well. Maybe if ''sun side'' had more details I'd be okay with it.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Good luck with the art school, I truly wish they see your talent and accept you !!
    And that mug is wonderful <3 Moomins are the best.

    1. Thank you, so do we! :) Yea, loving the comedy aspect

  2. hahaha at some point I come and visit you and you and go to your kitchen and it´s just cups and i cant move. Good luck with uni :)xx

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

    1. This comment made us laugh so hard! We just picture the scene: Susan runs uninvited to the kitchen but oh no! It's a trap! *Susan buries under the vast mass of moomin mugs* :,D

  3. Good luck with the examination! I hope they admit you guys! The mug is super cute, by the way! <3

    - Anna


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