Thursday, 18 June 2015

Fatherly love

Lind and I have revisited some animations from our childhood (Babar, Powerpuff Girls, Arthur, etc.) and we decided to make a list from some good and significant father characters (or father figures). We don't have good experiences with fathers in real life if you catch my drift so I think we can identify good fathers quite well. These characters are meaningful. I mean they're NOT just a ''nice dad'' characters who looms as a nice guy in background without much of an impact to a show, no. They're present, believable and real example of a good father figures whose absence wouldn't go unnoticed.

Let's start the list with most traditional and only conventionally married father character in the list; Babar from animated TV-series called by the same name. Babar is elephant in a green suit and the king of Celesteville (City of elephants).

Babar's virtues as a father are kindness, loving discipline, thoughtfulness and most important of all his endless patience. He's excellent teacher with good morals. You'd say he's perfect human being or rather elephant being but no, he's not. Babar is quite submissive, really bad at multitasking and all in all in some episodes a very busy dad. Another distinct feature is his sense of humour. All though Babar is humorous and really polite to everyone he's not scared of showing his displeasure with sarcasm. This happens especially with his friend/enemy, king of the Rhino land, Rataxes . All these things make Babar very much humane.

It's quite odd that Babar's and his wife Celeste's kids; Pom, Flore and Alexander don't seem to be raised all that well. They're lying constantly and disobeying their parents. This is odd behaviour for a children that have such all around close to perfect parents. I think it's just necessary flaw in a character development to make show interesting. I mean there have to be some conflicts to base story on. Of course there's episodes where children have proper motives to behave this way. For example in one episode Flore, Babar's older daughter wants that his father notices her but is unable because of duties as a king. All around great show.

Second we have Professor Utonium from Powerpuff Girls. He's single dad who has created single handedly show's main characters the Powerpuff girls (Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup) with science. He's square shaped scientist with white lab coat and pipe.
He's patient and loving father but is stricter than Babar. Utonium supports his little girls job as superheroes but can get really worried for girls' safety. Powerpuff Girls are superheroes but they're also little girls. For example Bubbles is scared of dark but Professor always leaves door little open for her. He's always there for them. When girls behave naughty Professor often grounds them for a short period of time. Girls obey professor because they know how much he loves them and they love him back. Girls call Utonium professor instead of dad but this doesn't diminish their love towards him.

What makes Professor Utonium humane is his overprotective waves. Sometimes he gets crazy protective and builds crazy gadgets to protect his girls which girls don't really need, being superheroes and all that. He really loves children and this is reason why he made girls in a first place. This is really important subject to all and in my opinion advocates adoption to families who absolutely love children but can't have them by conventional ways. It means that you don't have to be in a relationship or have biological children to be a good parent. (It must be said that adoption does not automatically make you good parent either. It's all subjective. My point is: Being a good parent doesn't depend on what is you civilization status, sexuality or where kids are from. You can be good parent regardless of those things. It's about the children's well being.)

Next on a list we have Alfie Atkins' (Swedish: Alfons Åberg, Finnish: Mikko Mallikas) dad. I've personally watched TV version but it's based on books with the same title.
Dad, if I remember correctly didn't have name besides Dad. That's okay though. Alfons Dad is single parent, kind and positive man. I really don't remember what work dad had in specific but I know he drives a pick-up truck and smokes pipe... Indoors I must add...
He's balding happy face in a brown jumper.

Dad is strict and very well rounded good parent. He's also very kind and his life goal is to make Alfon's life happy. Dad throws parties for Alfon's all though he's quite busy with work. Dad can be goofy and simple man sometimes. He never drops the character though. I think his looks suit his character really well. He makes to this list mainly because he's good divorced or widowed single dad character. There's not enough of them. He's good example of a dad who commits his life for the good of his kid.

This man comes from a TV-series Avatar, the last Airbender; Iroh. Iroh is cheerful, caring, zen and very optimistic man. He's uncle and closest father figure to Zuko who's one of the main characters. Iroh is one of my and Lind's favourite characters in whole avatar universe. Brilliantly made character. Iroh is really important character and brings the Asian philosophies to the show. He's chubby, grizzled, gentle looking man.

Iroh's zen approach on life makes him a very patient teacher. What makes Iroh different from previously mentioned characters is that his child is a teen. Iroh takes lot of emotional beating from his fierce and angry nephew Zuko. Iroh always keeps his calm and stays loyal to his role as a supporting father figure. Iroh has lost his biological child and love towards Zuko is overwhelming. Additional feats of Iroh are his sense of humour and secrecy. Iroh is also mysterious which Zuko doesn't notice until season two.

What makes Iroh imperfect is his lack of discipline. His life advice would be go something along these lines: I can give you advice but you must choose yourself if you want to follow them. This causes him a lot of suffering because his style to raise a child is by child's (in this case an angry teenager) demands. Iroh feels like he is there just give good advice. It's part of his meditating zen lifestyle.

The depth what has been put on this show is amazing. Sadly, Avatar, the Last Airbender's sequel Legend of Korra is really bad and not even worth mentioning. Shortly: It's really bad.

Last but not least we have Disney's Treasure planet cyborg; John Silver. Just like Iroh John Silver is a father figure to a teen; main character Jim. John Silver might be the most imperfect one of the all in this list. He's large half human half robot.

John Silver is to Jim unlike Iroh more of a pragmatic guide rather than spiritual. Jim admires handy, masculine ships cook (making him a cook is a nice touch because Silver is absolutely most masculine character in whole ship). John Silver starts with quite hostile and unpleasant attitude towards Jim. John is really selfish and really strict but as the story progresses two characters bond with each other.

John's fatherly senses emerge and he starts to put Jim before himself. John has a soft side which comes more prominent as story moves on. John starts to care about Jim without compromising his strict nature. It is more like intelligent growth story of a empathy which deserves spot on this list.

What are good father figures in your opinion? Let us know in the comments! 
I hope you had much fun reading this as I had writing this. (Btw I know I tend to ramble:)



  1. Brilliant that you've highlighted prominent characteristics and from cartoons of all places. That's quite observant, I don't usually made a note of. Well, I've been watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer lately, while on the subject of fictional characters, Buffy and her watcher, Giles, have a special bond/relationship because he's actually more of a father figure to her than her biological dad. To quote, Giles developed "a father's love" for Buffy.

    ♡ Dulce

    1. Thank you for these kind words, Dulce! :) We have to check Buffy the Vampire slayer out most definitely. Giles really do sound appropriate father figure to this post. What strikes most interesting to me is that contrast of biological dad and father figure that Buffy actually has closer relationship. Interesting, indeed. :)


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