Saturday, 13 June 2015

About hair dye shades

Are you tired of people telling you that your hair will fall out if you colour it blue?
Does your brown haired sales person start advising you when you're buying shock colours and all that you can response is hint of a smile while fluffing up your rainbow hair?
 Does your sales person compare dying your hair to playing with water colours?

We are done with that poop.
So, lets just talk about something that matters: The different shades of hair dyes.
La riche Directions' shades especially.

Carnation Pink before washing.
Faded Carnation Pink. It's not easy to get rid off. Flamingo pink on the left.
Same hair as above but before washing.
Directions Carnation Pink -Neon lighter shade of pink.
I don't recommend mixing it with conditioner. It loses its powers.

Slightly faded Magenta.
Crazycolor Magenta -Perfect pink. You can use it on not that platinum blonde and
get flawless results.

Lightest is Carnation Pink, darkest is Rose Red, Flamingo Pink is the middle way.
Directions Flamingo Pink -A good old pink.
Can be mixed with conditioner to make a lovely light pink.
Directions Rose Red -A dark pink. Mixed with conditioner makes a true pinky colour.


Directions Neon Blue - DARK ink blue. Mixed with conditioner makes a brilliant ashy blue.

Darkest shade is Atlantic Blue.
Directions Atlantic blue -A good darker blue.
Crazycolor Bubblegum Blue -Cute baby blue with a greenish shade. Don't mix with conditioner.

Light blue is the lagoon blue. There's Atlantic blue and violet mixed with conditioner and some silver
Directions Lagoon Blue -Sky blue.

Turquoise on black hair after one bleaching, before colouring (to turquoise).

Turquoise mixed with Lagoon Blue and conditioner. Black is permanent... Not a good idea.
Directions Turquoise -Greenish sea blue. Ashy sea blue when mixed with conditioner.

Canary Yellow, Ebony, Flamingo-+Carnation Pink, Spring Green
Directions Ebony -Black black. Fades into darker blue. Not easy to get the blue out of your hair.


Greenish shade on Fluorescent Glow.
Fluorescent Glow straight from the bottle.

Directions Fluorescent Flow -One of my faves! Crazy neon yellow. Slightly greenish.
Not the best to mix with conditioner.

Canary Yellow, Ebony, Flamingo-+Carnation Pink, Spring Green.
Directions Canary Yellow -A sunny yellow. Can be mixed lighter.


Directions  Mandarin -Orange orange. Fades fast.

Spring Green, Plum and Apricot.
Directions Apricot -Light orange. Not strong at all.

Pillarbox Red.

Directions Pillarbox Red -Cold red. Fades into pink.

Directions Plum -Dark powerful purple. Real purple, best purple.

Silver, Lagoon Blue, Violet.
Directions Violet -Cool violet. Fades fast.

Alpine green and Pillarbox Red.
Directions Alpine green -Dark green. Fades quickly into Atlantic Blue. Not a big fan.

Spring Green and Fluorescent Glow
Spring Green after a few washes.
Directions Spring green -Grass green.

CrazyColor Peacock Blue -Royal dark blue green.

Apple Green, yellow is Fluorescent Glow.
Directions Apple green -A honest green.

Mostly African green
Faded version of the photo above
Stargazer African Green - A pretty green which fades fast to a quite cute pastel green.


Directions Silver -A beautiful platinum colour. Needs a perfect blonde to look silvery.
 Otherwise it's slightly purplish.
CrazyColor Silver and Stargazer Silver are all as good silver shades.

That's the collection of hair colours that we remember been using :)
Hope that this was helpful.
We'd love to hear about your experiences with different shades!


  1. A lovely rainbow! Both of you have such wondrous hair :)
    I'm wary about bleaching yet wish I too had dreamy mermaid hair :/

    ♡ Dulce

    1. Thank you, Dulce :D <3
      Aww yeah, bleaching can do much harm to your hair :( Even though we do it at home, I'd recommend doing it at a salon with someone who's got a good reputation. Then nothing could go wrong! :)

  2. oh my this rainbow is so lovely <3 so inspiring !
    I´ve only had green hair once, using manic panic "green envy", even if I didn´t bleach it on beforehand, the color came out so vibrant ! I´m considering trying it again, just a more faded tone :)
    but oh wow, the way you mix all these colors is truly wonderful!

    // Ania

    1. Thank you so much, Ania <3 <3
      Wow that green sounds really amazing! Yay, I'd love to see your new hair experiments :D


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