Thursday, 28 May 2015

Urpo ja Turpo, animation with big heart!

Short post about 90's Finnish Estonian puppet animation show;
Urpo ja Turpo (Eng. Urpo and Turpo).
Urpo and Turpo is a doll stop animation mini series (13 episodes, 10 min a piece) that is directly based on children books with same name (Author: Hannele Huovi). Show has little bit of live action as well. 

This is cover one of the many Urpo ja Turpo children books. Neither of us have read them though. Maybe we should? :) (Picture taken from the google.)

We watched this show growing up and we bought it year ago as DVD. We watched it entirely again as adults and still loved it! Dvd even came up with a documentary about making of Urpo and Turpo. It is always nice what techniques animation studio (Lumifilm) used in the making. Lind had seen documentary before and even chain watched it when she was a child. That dedication!

What can I say it's a really well made cute show with educational and important subjects for the children. Here is one of the episodes I uploaded to Youtube. Subtitles in English.

Animation is based on Urpo ja Turpo books which are inspired by author's sons' plays. 
Lind pointed out that episodes are constructed in same way that when kids play with toys. Stories are often quite hectic and change in quick phase. They're cute though. 

Voice acting is made by two brothers and Finnish voice acting legends, Antti and Seppo Pääkkönen. Their work adds plenty of humour to the show. Lind and I both like British style ''dry humour'' and this is just the case. Both of the brothers are dubbed a lot of successful Disney animations. 

Seppo Pääkkönen as voice of Urpo

His brother Antti as voice of Turpo

Characters; Urpo is the grey bear, he's kind, prudential romantic who is often side kick of Turpo. 
 Turpo is the red bear. He's adventurous mess up, who usually invents the subject of the play(=in this case, episode). He's the leader of the play and more bossy of the two. 
We both like Urpo more. He's so sympathetic.

Urpo is angry when he's hungry!

One another thing I want shortly cover before finishing up this post. 
Urpo and Turpo are male bears who are bests of friends. Thus show has received award for ''male bonding'' and rightfully so. People are so close minded. It's important to treat boys as a kids. It's not gay that boys are close friends all though there's nothing wrong at being gay in a first place.
These kind of awards are positive enforcement against close minded people.

Such a cute pic to finish things up! Show is about friendship after all.

 I suggest you to buy this dvd. Totally worth it! You can find it on Ebay and Amazon :)
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