Friday, 15 May 2015

Random ramble about how and why bands change

What I've become! A monster! I've realized something awful about myself and that's what I like to share with you today. What has happen you might ask? Well, let me tell you...
(Point of this post is not criticize individuals music taste. You can listen whatever you want and
 this is just my opinion. Feel free to express your own on comment section) :)

That's me, the monster.

As you all know some bands (especially younger, 90s-00s) change the way how to do music whether it is just style to play or even genre. Their goal usually is to make it more approachable and basically make it more mainstream so their ''product'' (music) would sell more and this is the problem I have.
Why bands don't change the bands name with the change? Do they think that their old fans like dramatic change to new genre or style? No. They often don't. Of course some might but that's minority or that is what I want to believe.

 I think if you ''grow along with the band'' and love every change they make, blindly, I'd say you're just a ''mindless fan'' and personally I don't like mindless sheeps.. Actually, I hate that kind of people who are fans of something just to be a fan. Why? Because I know too many. This ruins my personal admiration to something when people take it extreme and become part of ''fandum''.
Well, sure if it suits them and they feel somewhere to belong but I mean really... Hitler and Mao Zedong had fans too and still have. Their fans are/were just as mindless. 

However, the point of this post is quite opposite. The point is, those people who claim themselves to be fans to a certain band but with a special attribute; they don't like bands new style but love old style. I mean that's the way how it's supposed to be If band changes their style and genre drastically
which makes this subject crazy as it sounds! This would be okay and as it supposed to be but hold it.
What's wrong is that this concept has been ruined by idiots... AGAIN! -,-

I can explain this by example from my life.
Lind and I know one guy who introduced himself as a fan of punk music. He was very proud of that feat and didn't scare to say it out loud. It came to our knowledge soon enough that he's fan of band called; Offspring. We were like; What? That's not a punk at all!
(When we think offspring the music is more like bad teen rock.)
Reply was; Oh, I know. I mean.. I like only the first album! That's real punk, you know!
I face palmed so hard. According to Wikipedia Offspring has 9 albums and does this make you a fan if you basically like the one song from that band? Do you tell everyone that you love that band?
Besides, punk is so heavy, influential genre. Don't stamp yourself as a punk if you listen teen rock, pop punk or only one song that plays in radio. You're just making fool out of yourself.
I talking about this because this is way too common.

Even though I don't like Offspring at all I can see clear difference.

Wow... No words...

What this has to do with me? As I mentioned in my post about my music taste (Read it here)
I like band called Bring me the horizon. BMTH has changed their genre three times now and last time was too much for me. I can't say I like the band anymore because their new music is terrible.  If I say I like BMTH I'll be connected to their new style straight away (electro) IF I don't mention that I like only their older production. I've became something I hate! Nooo!!

BMTH started their career as a Deathcore band and evolved to Metalcore which is not as heavy as deathcore. I get it and I prefer their metalcore songs a lot more but they are now days an electro band and that's not what Bring me the horizon is to me. I don't like electro. Not at all. I like ''-core'' genres.

Prayer for Plagues; Hit song from their first album. Their roots are pure deathcore.

Home sweet hole from their 2010 album. This is my second favourite album.
Good song called Home sweet hole. Their metalcore.

And then there is this. This is not BMTH I know and love. No. This is something else.
Drown, this is more electro / teen rock than any core genre.
Argh, just change bands name! You've changed you're no Bring me the horizon!

 I've found a solution; maybe I just stop mentioning I like band at all because it's too embarrassing to be part of that set of people. Such a hard world..

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  1. BMTH is my fav band but I have a strange love-hate relationship with them! I can't realize if I like their new genre or not! :/
    Anyways, great post! (:

    1. Yea, quite the same :D Thanks for reading!

  2. Such a good post, loved it, So many people comment on always how they prefer bands 'old stuff'...
    Feel free to check out our latest post x


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