Saturday, 2 May 2015

Outfit: Night of the Ghosts

Lindworm wanted to do paranormal expedition to a strange forest near the sea.  It was misty and dark night and spiritual activity was to the roofs. We didn't hesitate, I grabbed the camera and we're off to the woods. What to expect from this spooky night?  I didn't know and neither did she.
We just wanted to discover something. Something unsettling 
After walking a while, Lind wanted to take test picture of herself before we continued.
Wind blew in trees. She looked gorgeous though... (like always...!)

Her new dress, encrusted with green clovers, was illuminated by that eerie light.

That very light had followed us for a moment we landed our foot to this forest.

She looked down on her feet and said; -Agh, dreadful weather!

Soggy ground had watered her shoes quickly.

In her finger she had her ring of good luck. Goldfish.

Suddenly, Flash! Flash of bright light in middle of the night! It was pitch black. I was trying to find my mobile to get some light but then it happened. Lind's bracelet started glowing. It appeared that her pearl bracelet had absorbed all light. We stood in shock for a moment but then new flash! Light was back. Why? What could this mean?

We knew that something was disturbing our photo shooting. We have to find out what it was!
Lind noticed her swan brooch to vibrate gently. Brooch sprouted away a strange trail of mist.
This something clearly wanted us to follow.

Come on, love! I said! Lind nodded and we kept following this accumulation of mist.
Running. We saw a road up ahead which was strange. There is not supposed to be a road!

Where did this came from? There is no road in this forest. I am sure of it! I said.
 Nobody lives here anymore!
Road was old and muddy. I was getting little nervous as we walked down the road.
We noticed big pile of rocks on the side of the road. As we passed the pile we felt subtle unnatural push on our chest. Odd whispers filled the air but then.. It was quiet again..

Haunting voices came from a big rock nearby. That's it! I said bravely. I rose up and approached foolishly towards something that I wasn't ready for... A ghost... Ghost scared me pretty bad but Lind
was wiser. She moved in slowly.

Lind sat next to ghost. -Hello, I am Lindworm. What's your name? Ghost stared her for a moment and then changed colour to purple! It answered with haunting voice: -Spöka.. I was not surprised. Lind comes so well along all kind of people. Why would ghosts be different?
What do you want little fellow? Was it you who wanted us to follow?
Spöka - Yes, it was me. I want you to hold me. I am all alone. I don't have any friends.

Lind picked up the Spöka and it.. Laughed.. like a little child. It was happy.

I want to play. It has been so long I had someone to play with! Spöka said.
Lind agreed. Spöka ignored my camera and I took few photos of Spöka and Lind's play time.
Was Spöka a ghost of a little chubby kid? Who knows. We didn't wanted to scare this little fellow. 
I know I had scared it just as much it had scared me on our first encounter.
Spöka wanted to reward us for our company.
Thank you, mortals for visiting me. It gets so lonely in here. Spöka said.
I am sorry I scared you earlier. -That's okay. I replied.
We'd like to get home now we have solved the secrets of this forest.
Spöka nodded and with flash we were back on the road.
I guess we just walk? Lind asked and I nodded. Eerie lights illuminated the way and it was quiet..
Quiet... We noticed that our feet fell lighter. We didn't even hear our footsteps. Strange...
Time went by but the road didn't end. I don't know where we are and I hope this post goes through.We try get away from this Limbo of the tormented. Is this the gratitude of ghost?
I hope we'll meet again soon....
 Beret: thrifted
Dress: thrifted
Leggings: Black Milk
Glasses: Andy Wolf
Bracelet: Snö of Sweden


  1. Such a pleasant ghost story. Also that dress is so lovely :)
    ♡ Dulce

    1. Thank you, Dulce! I was excited to see what kind of a story Ilar comes up with and it was cute :D

  2. Ahh, I love this post so much! Lind's outfit is perfection ❤

    1. aww you're too kind <3 Thank you, Marlena!


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