Monday, 25 May 2015

Outfit: Hunters and a Skeleton

Hello, It's Ilar here with another weird outfit short story! Hope you like it!
Lindworm the hunter went out for a walk with her friend Skelingta, friends for short:Skelly.
It was dark night but luckily Skelly glows in the dark. Little they knew that shadow 
was following them. Shadow of a beast. Something that even brave hunter had ever faced before.
Skelly is a skinny girl. She and Lindworm had been friends for ages.

Skelly had convinced Lind to wear these lovely purple pumps after long argument. Skelly herself is not into shoes, strangely enough. 

Girls stopped to chat in the local park in the middle of the woods. Air was humid and silence crept among the trees except for occasional large drops of rain which hit the ground.  -It seems like it's about to rain. Lind said. -Agaiiiin! Skelly continued with creaky voice. Both of them laughed. A sudden snap interrupted the laughter.

Hunter dropped on her one knee and scanned sinister woods with her hawk eyes. Nothing. Darkness was too thick but they weren't alone. Not entirely. 

Lind rose up. -Reflexes, you know.. Lind said. Skelly just nodded indifferently, she didn't had paid any attention to the sudden noise. -I've strange feeling that something is watching us. I've felt it before.
-OMG, you're always so paranoid! Skelly said. -Can't we have just normal walk for a change? Lind didn't answer.

Hunter always wears her trophies from past victories against magnificent beasts. She had made a scarf out of cursed rapid fox that had terrorized the nearby villages life stock by spreading deadly disease for months and hat out of gigantic flying cave bear from the mountains. Bear had devoured every adventurer who stand against it, except for hunter.
Ring from the bones of savage owlbeast clan's leader called Ruxtrafx. Ruxtrafx had opened the portal to netherworld. Hunter succeeded to close portal with slain Ruxtrafx soul amulet before any nightmarish creatures could exit out to mortal world. 

Girls walked for a while hunter still peering through the woods. Neither of them said no word. Skelly couldn't handle the tension and shouted  -Argh! You're always like that! I walk home alone. Such a drag, literally! Skelly ran into the woods.
Hat: thrifted
Scarf: Claire's
Ring: Poola Kataryna
Dress: Ivana Helsinki
Leggings: Black Milk

Lindworm the hunter looked silently after as her friend disappeared to darkness.

After a while, Skelly came across old abandoned park. Skelly stopped to a bench to catch her breath, exhausted from running. -Why she is always working! Gah! Annoyed Skelly muttered to herself. 

Monster was lurking nearby. 
With a single jump monster leaped trough the ominous night sky. Feet like a harpy it silently landed next to its unaware victim, a prey. 
Monster grabbed skelly from the head. Monster was too strong and too fast! Skelly couldn't react to it and so, she suffocated to unconcious. Nobody, not even hunter could save her now.
It was time. No escape.

Monster started feasting. Bones crackled as the creature chew away! Woods were filled of mourning trees. Trees had been there, seen it all, thousands of times and it's all the same. It's always the same!

Monster chest was full of demonic markings. Witchcraft! Someone had summoned this demonic apparition to this world but who's the witch?

*Swoosh* Arrow flew through the air! Landing to a bench right under the monster. It was the hunter! Monster growled and threw the lifeless body back to bench.
Monster leaped away back to darkness and Lind rushed to her friend. -Skelly! She shouted. It was no use, she was gone. A sole tear ran down the hunters cheek. Forest started whispering. Something incomprehensible but hunter knew what trees tried to tell her. She rose up quickly. She looked nervously her sides as she backed away back to the road. Monster was schulpftschalfpt. She hadn't encounter one before and against this one she would need special preparations and ask for a advice from monster hunter council but does she ever make her back. 
*To be continued.. Maybe..*

Vest: old
Shoes: Irregular Choice


  1. I love the mix of colors! Your hat is super cute and that scarf is freakin' adorable! <3 Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment for me, too! I really appreciated it!

    - Anna

    1. aww, thank you <3 <3 <3
      No problem ^__^ I just simply love your style and blog to bits <3

  2. Really enjoy reading these story time posts :)

    ♡ Dulce

    1. Thank you, Dulce. Glad you appreciate! All though they're highly improvised, I love writing them. Sometimes it's just fun to write something without thinking it too much and let the flow guide you. :)


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