Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Outfit: Fungi Teddy

It happens sometimes that a certain theme keeps repeating in my outfits.
This time it's bears :)


Mommy bear and baby bear -no, wait!
I was always the big brother in the family.

Sometimes you just must buy something "silly" to make your day.

These tights are hand printed in Finland by Mary A. Jalava
 I love the gentle colour combo and the mushrooms are way too adorable.

When I first wore these I got to hear this amazing joke (from my friends) a few times aday:
"Linda, there's mushrooms in your legs."
.... yeah.

People find this dress scary. For some reason I think it's just cute.

 Ears: Claire's
Bow: Claire's
Tank: Drop Dead
Dress: Black Milk
Shoes: Adidas by Jeremy Scott


  1. Teddy bears are too cute! Those tights are the coolest, love the fact that they're handmade :)

    ♡ Dulce

    1. thank you, Dulce <3
      I've noticed that I try not to use those tights too much 'cos I want them to last forever :'D


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