Monday, 11 May 2015

My tusks! What a week! (life update)

What has been going on? Where is blog posts? Well, in Finland there is this policy that education is free but you've to apply a school and pass a qualification test (or in our case tests). Standard tests (for example in engineer school) are usually one day long and it's over with but if you apply any kind of art school it is a whole new story. Art school exams have multiple parts which are spread out through separated days of the week. I think it's quite inconvenient to make art school so hard to apply because after all you often graduate to be ''unemployed'' or have education to something non practical and I don't mean that artists don't do work, no. At least in the start of your career. It makes no sense in my head.
This photo is part of my pretask. I just found it fitting to subject quite well.

So, we have been on school exams and my tusks... what a week! It has been really tiring, not because exams are too hard, no. They're quite easy actually but thing is; We are not used to wake up in the 6:30 at morning. We're used to working late at night and tests were at 8 in the morning so our day rhythm got kinda messed up (all though you could argue that our day rhythm was messed up in a first place and how it's not appropriate to wake up at 12 o'clock).
We haven't really had concentration to make a blog post. Our mindset has been solely on those tasks ahead. I admit we didn't plan this very good thinking our blog but we have another test session coming up in summer (hopefully!) and we're going to prepare it better by making more posts in reserve.

What else I want to talk about is a great show; Babar.

 It has (like everything) some flaws yes but it is great show and it has really good messages and subjects. As a flaw it's always bothered me how you determinate what is an animal and what is human in the fantasy world where line is really thin. Babar is a elephant. Living in a world with humans and nobody seems to find it odd that elephant is speaking and uses clothes. That's absolutely fine if this same rule applies to other animals but no. For example people have dogs. Those dogs are literally realist dogs. They can't speak, you need to walk them daily and they eat dog food and live in a dog house outside. I mean why? Why the dog can't speak and use clothing? What makes a elephant, rhino or tortoise so different? Weird but that's most disturbing flaw and this applies most of the shows that have animal protagonists mixed with ''human's world''. Never liked it.

 However, otherwise great show. I could maybe write a longer post about this but that's when we've watched all episodes. Now we're on season 2. I suggest you all watch some Babar if you like quality animations. We're currently watching it in English but Lind says that voice acting is amazing, in Finnish even better. I believe her because... She just knows what we like.. :)

This elephant here is called Cornelius, his characteristic catch phrase is: My tusks!
On a side note he says in Finnish dub; Kautta kärsäni! I don't really know how to translate this phrase but rough translation would be something like: By trunk of mine! Just a funny side note :)

Hope you liked this brief update we're on back in our regular schedule in a few days.


  1. aha I really liked this series :) and yeah, art school in germany is super hard to get in, but then again it kinda only tries to get the people with the least chance of being unemployed later I guess :D

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

    1. Yea, I've figured that Germany is kinda same as Finland on that regard. I guess, they've just weirdest criteria sometimes. Thanks for reading, Susan!


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