Monday, 4 May 2015

Long hair is the qualification of femininity

Long hair is the qualification of feminity

This picture is the back cover art of my zine

I made this comic in 2013 when I was growing my hair long again.
I was living in another city (1,5 hr from where we live now) so I guess my mom forgot how I looked.
When I was visiting my parents mom said: "I love your hair long! Please keep it."
It pissed me off 'cos to me it's just hair and I loved it short as much I loved it longer.

After that I was tempted to cut my hair but instead of being that naive I just made this comic.
When my teacher saw it, first he wondered if the main character got their freckles from the sun then he asked if the characters were boys... 

I hate the hair codes as much as the colour codes and such! 
Just let people have short or long hair (or both!), please.

My mom thinks that a young female loses her femininity when cutting their hair. I'm so glad I didn't buy that philosophy.

I had super long mermaid hair (down to my butt) for almost 20 years.
I was born with a thick dark hair :) and they never cut me that classic lil girls' bob.
I cut my hair shorter before I turned 20.
Soon after that I cut it short. And loved it.

 A good year after keeping it short I started letting it grow longer again.

I was aiming for mermaid hair (love it!) but one day I just decided to cut it.
And I was happy with the decision. Again.


  1. haha I´m the same though, I can´t deal with short hair. Like every 5 years I decide to get it really short and the rest of the time I breakout crying when the hairdresser cuts of the broken ends. However, I like neat short haircuts, so I love your current one (AND the colour obviously) and the old long hair is amazing :D

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

    1. Haha, yeah :) My sister once started crying after I cut her hair shorter but now she's tempted to go short again.
      I'm glad you like my short hair too :D

  2. Wonderful cover art! Cognitive dissonance is truly remarkable. Frankly, I don't subject myself with generalized gender stereotypes.
    p.s. Your hair is gorgeous at any length ;)
    ♡ Dulce

    1. Thank you so much Dulce for your kind words <3 ^__^

  3. this post was so cool. It was easy to see you put a lot of frustration and emotion in the comic, and the reason behind it understandable. Short hair, long hair, no hair, everything can be equally feminine.

    It was so cool to see how your hair journey! Love how much you have experimented, so many good looks! The green color is amazing.

    1. aww thank you, Ania! I'm glad you saw my comic that way :)

      Yeah, hair is nice to play with :D I've been loving green hair a lot lately maybe because people dislike it the most.... >w< hehe


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