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Hannibal the cannibal

So, as I've mentioned before, I absolutely love Hannibal Lecter movie franchise. They're just simply really well made movies. Silence of the lambs is my favourite one followed by Hannibal, I prefer Silence of the Lambs just because I like Buffalo Bill as a villain more than Mason Verner. I don't like Red Dragon as much just because it has unnatural amount of explosions and it has more ''american'' cinematography which I am not very fond of. (I explain my preference about cinematography on part 2/2 here. You can click link about part 1/2 in that post where I give my opinion about characters and Hannibal Lecter is one them) I am not counting Hannibal Rising all though it is happening on same universe. It's the worst one for me though. I suggest you watch those movies. Not only because they are related to this post but they're simply amazing.

Anthony Hopkins as a Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs.

This post is going to contain spoilers IF you're NOT seen at least one movie of the franchise or read the book(s) but otherwise this is a spoiler free post.
I could ramble how good Hannibal movie franchise is who knows how long but what we're really focusing here is the TV series (Seasons one and two, aired at 2013-2014). Lind and I watched the season one year ago and in this year we saw it in Netflix and thought to ourselves, why not. So, we watched season one. Well, it was okay, I guess but we weren't impressed. Season two aired about year later and we decided to watch that too but half way in, characters started changing to a weird direction but we struggled on until we finally reached the finish line the end of the season two, still not impressed. Season two was actually worse than season one and we weren't that fond of season one in a first place. It's not the worst show we've ever watched.

Here I am listing the reasons that are problem in series:

Characters are different.

Hannibal is in completely different character than in book. I'd describe ''original'' or books/movies Hannibal as a pleasant and civilized psychopath with cannibalistic sexuality but sadly this is not the case at least in season two, which is so strange. It just raises the question, why? As the Silence of the lambs demonstrates to us; Hannibal can be interested about a human being but because his lack of feelings he can't be anything else than interested. Hannibal has personality disorder. He is a psychopath. (Here is the link to wikipedia if you care to know more about psychopathy. It's really interesting stuff.) Strangely enough this is not the case in TV-series where Hannibal seems to grow genuine caring towards main character, Will. Psychopaths are perfects liars and simply you can't tell if psychopath is lying but surprise surprise this rule doesn't apply to TV-series either. Just as a side note cannibalism is a sexuality, a fetish. Not a mental illness. It is actually much closer to asexuality than anything else but without any capabilities of a romantic or sensual attraction. Original franchise follow this accurate path. I don't want to spoil anything from the series. Just pointing that out..
I know show is based on characters from book ''Red Dragon'' but still those choices on character development, really?

Hannibal Lecter played by Mads Mikkelsen. We like Mads Mikkelsen as a actor and he was perfect fit to play Hannibal's role, all though we didn't like the Hannibal as a character as much. Character is not loyal to books nor that very well written character in all, sadly.

Will Graham played by Hugh Dancy. Dancy fits his character quite well all though Will is not the best character in a show. 

Story is too predictable.
Plot is not very interesting if you have watched the movies or read the books and this is one of the true core problems. Is this show made just for fans of movies/books? If so, why? Is it not the point to attract new viewers to this amazing franchise? I mean come on, most of 2000s kids were too young or not even born when movies were released. Well, they're old enough now and sadly, this show doesn't honour original books or movies. Well is plot even interesting to new viewers? No, it's not and I explain why. Problem is that viewer knows too much more than characters and let me enlighten you about this. Viewer is observer and should always know something more than characters but not too much because it ruins the excitement. Unfortunately, that's exactly what this show does. When you know everything what's going to happen what keeps you watching the show? To watch characters solve a problem for a 30 minutes when you've known the answer from first minute? This is NOT supposed to happen in a freaking psychological thriller, damn it! You're doing it wrong!! Of course there's some plot twists in this show but they're usually half-assed, don't make any sense and seem like that they've made up post script.

Too much filler episodes.
Nobody likes filler episodes! Definition to filler episode is that it doesn't affect story or push story forward. They exist solely to make season longer so, it would meet ''pre-agreed'' amount of episodes that television company has ordered from series production company or sometimes delay inevitable thus giving more time to writers, directors or actors to make series happen in a first place. Especially in season two there is way too many fillers. Its hard to say what caused this but it would be nice to know.

Strange ''artistic'' choices.
Show trying to be quite artistic with lighting, special effect make up, sound world music and cinematography and delivers that most of the time but sometimes those heavily ''artistically stylized'' scenes are just plain confusing. For example in first season you rarely know when main character Will (played by Hugh Dancy) is having a nightmare and when he's not, Sounds are hazy and scenes have blurry more than once. I'd say its mostly because sound designer and editor who don't seem to manage in separating two of the worlds.

For example this scene where Hannibal and Will are talking. Shot is deliberately blackened to the point not almost seeing who is talking. I know what they're trying to say with this kind of styling in this particular scene but I think it could've been made better. This is just weird!

TV- series have some questionable animation work put into them. It's not very good and quality is equal to 90's animations. This scene is about flowers as you might imagine. It would be fine if it wouldn't be half minute long scene about flowers. I know this is trying to be artistic but little lesser could be more in some of the scenes.

But wait a minute! There's surprisingly something absolutely amazing. It's the special effect make ups of corpses. They look astonishing! There has been a lot of work creating each piece. I mean, they're really well made. Below there's some of our personal favourites.

Show also has a lot of cooking that it almost goes to category ''food porn''. Let's just say: Hannibal loves to cook :) We all know Mads didn't really cook them so they've really good cooks by looks of these. Below is some pics of ''Hannibals'' cookings. Delicious!

So, that covers it. There is apparently season three coming up but we're not sure do we watch it or not. We'll see. I don't really know do I suggest you to watch TV-series but I do know that movie franchise is absolutely worth of your time and really excellent piece of art. Even if you aren't that much into a psychological crime thrillers. You can either read the books written by Thomas Harris or watch movies. You can watch movies either by release date (Silence of the lambs, Hannibal, Red Dragon and Hannibal Rising) or even in chronological order storywise (Hannibal Rising, Red Dragon, Silence of the lambs and Hannibal.) It's made to work either way.

Thanks for reading everyone.



  1. Coincidence much? I rewatched Silence of the Lambs just the other night! I've actually have never seen it in its entirety from start to finish, somehow I always miss the beginning of the movie. Now I need to follow up with the rest of the series.

    ♡ Dulce

    1. Hehe, quite coincidence, indeed! Really good movie franchise! I warmly recommend it on its entirely. Can't really blame you to want watch series afterwards all though they don't really match up with ''original stuff''. Thanks for reading! :)


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