Thursday, 16 April 2015

Some short films and animations

Here is couple student made short films I made in film school and 
what Lind made in animation school. Published on YouTube and vimeo.

Yksi loitsu (Eng. One spell).
Doll stop motion animation made by Lind and me. English subtitles in annotations.
Synopsis: Movie about potion shop owner witch who 
gets a challenging task to help Mothman with his problem.
More: This is Lind's project from animation school. I helped Lind to write story and I was charge in lighting, sounds and camera. I think we succeeded well in this project. It's nice and colourful with a important subject. Hope you like it! :)

Sulo. Short film. Subtitles in English
Synopsis: Sulo is the guy who everyone knows, but no-one is friends with. One day his colleagues lure him into a drunken night on town, which doesn't end too well for Sulo.
More: This is one of my classmates short film which our whole class participated. 
I participated as a sound guy and musician. I am not very proud of  the movie though. All though the writer was same as director movie didn't turned out too well. I think it looked better as a script. I think the movie falls short on subject and as a story. Also ending music doesn't suit the actual point and message what story delivers. Quite dreadful really. Otherwise movie is descent... I guess.

Kynä ja Paperi (Eng. Pen and Paper). Short film. Mute.
Synopsis: Main character is writer who suffers from insomnia. One day writer notices a magical trash can what starts create objects from paper and crazy things start to happen.  
More: This is one of the many short films my movie class did during our time as students. I think it's the best short film what our class made in whole year (I am not counting One spell because that's mine and Lind's project only). I think its subject and general atmosphere is quite spot on. 
Ending is not very well made though. I did the sound design and assisted in script in this one.

Mistä on pienet kisut tehty? (Eng. What are little kitties made of?) 
Stop motion animation made by Lindwörm. Mute.
Synopsis: Story about a birth.

You can find animation on Vimeo. Link here. 

More: This was Lindworm's Xmas project. I think it's really well made, cute and positive film. 
It's made ''old school'' way instead of computer. Good job, love. I helped her with music. :)

There's a few more short films that my class made during the year but 
rest of the movies doesn't have subtitles and are in Finnish. 
Sadly, I didn't publish them so I can't really change it. In my opinion they're not that good so you aren't missing anything. 

Thanks for reading this short post about our school short film projects.
Hope you liked the movies!


  1. Enjoying watching these, thanks for sharing :]
    ♡ Dulce

    1. Our greatest thanks for watching Dulce! :) It really means worlds to us that you spent your time watching our work. Glad you Enjoyed!


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