Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Random ramble about Poli.... Wait a minute.. Why is the police man peeing on our garden?

So, it is time for one these again. Lind's friends were visiting us last weekend and there was one peculiar subject that came up and that I want to enlighten my opinion on; Finnish police forces.

As you might know Finland along with other Nordic countries has worlds lowest corruption rates. So, in simplicity you can't buy favour of the police. That's a good thing but it doesn't dispel all the injustice what happens everyday.

Let's start with a subject of laziness. Finnish police are lazy and try avoid working in every way. Except in some cases which I return in the end of this segment. For example Lind's friend had a break in some time ago and they reported to police. Police tracked down the crook and found out that crook was actually old lady who is let's just say familiar to police. Old woman had a lot of unpaid fines and bills and this why police convinced Lind's friends family not to raise a charge saying that it was too much unnecessary trouble since nothing was stolen. Only door was busted. So, the family didn't do it but what happen to the crook? Well she still roams free trying to steal what she can. Police doesn't do anything because it's too much trouble. You can draw your own conclusion about that one.
There is also one case where police advised to drop charges against 35 year old teen molester just because the molester had dysphasia. It is not worth the trouble police said and merely nothing were made in attempt to stop this disgusting man.
But man, do they love to tease people in traffic or generally in public. Why? Because they have power to do so. They have no better thing to do than disturb innocent civilians rather that actually ''catching the bad guys''. This has made Police make us feel more threatened than protected... Useless...!
Police around the world are using power incorrectly because they are human beings just as everyone of us. So it's easy for them to let their judgement to be shrouded by their own opinions. It's unethical in most of the cases too. It is a win win because there is nothing to stop the police if they do it correctly plus it's fun to go and beat people with nightstick just for the hecks of it.

On a side note: In Finland the law is unfortunately always on the crook's, murder's or rapist's side. Only when you're trying to avoid paying taxes law is not on your side and actually has much larger prison sentence than murder/rapist. Just a fun fact but we're not focusing on Finnish law in this one. I just think penalties should be tougher and no, I am not supporting death penalty. It's much worse than anything.

What I've heard that police does correctly is family violence. Good job, you might do one thing correctly, however I don't think even that's done that well. Only thing I consider police does correctly is being a deterrent, a scarecrow to a crook who think it's problematic to break law in Finland. That's a best thing because I am not full on anarchism. I love safety and my own space but sadly as you might have noticed police is not what provides it to us. It's the ''good guys''.

They say police is vocation but it is not. Trust me. They just want power to control people and by the way, have you seen Finnish police uniforms? They look dreadful. Who would like to walk in a navy blue rompers anyway? Too many apparently.

Shortly, by any means I don't think Finnish police is worst one in the world. Maybe more on a better side and nothing to compare for example America, Africa or China. Just less power would be nice and maybe to actually DO YOUR WORK? That's all. Fact is that justice rarely occurs with this kind of constitutions of power what we call law enforcement. Individualism is where it should be at.



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  2. Reading about other culture(s) is truly fascinating, but it doesn't take away from the appalling truth that is.
    ♡ Dulce

    1. Yea, agree on that. Reason I made this post is that I just don't have much good personal experiences about police.


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