Saturday, 18 April 2015

Outfit: Green scream

We took a walk in rainy spring forest and climbed on the great rock.

 I think it'd be cute if panthers were green 
especially those who swim in the Mangrove river.

 Looks like I still prefer scales over animal prints.

 I wanted to do a makeup look with green as a blush.
Then I chose the clothes which led me to choosing my Joker tee.
I think we match!

Tshirt: blought in EuropaPark
Cardigan: Seppälä
Badge: Black Milk
Skirt: Black Milk
Leggings: Black Milk

 Ilar got this cool vintage leather vest in the mail the other day.
It smells a little bit like old woman's perfume...

Pants: Bikbok
Shoes: Irregular choice


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