Sunday, 12 April 2015

Our Favourite Female Characters

Most of the motion pictures (even the good ones) have a male main character which sucks.
We wanted to make a list of great female (main) characters because it's important and girls rule.

Juno (Juno, movie)
She's an imperfect teen who gets pregnant.
She's the most mature young woman when it comes to pregnancy.
Watch and learn!
She's the weird girl you'd love to be friends with.

Enid (Ghost World, comic book and movie)
 I know this girl IRL!
She's sarcastic and lost.

Snorkmaiden (Moomin, books, comics, cartoon)
A sassy romantic.
She knows how to handle big brothers and boyfriends.

Katara (Avatar: the last air bender, cartoon)
 A mother figure with hot temperament.
She dares to challenge a sifu.
She's a feminist.

Toph (Avatar: the last air bender, cartoon)
She's tiny and blind and an ass kicking preteen.
She's so strong because she respects nature.
Her sense of humour is priceless.

Zarya (Overwatch, game)
Big fan of her character design.
We need more butch female characters!

Susan Strong (Adventure Time, cartoon)
A super strong heroine. She's the leader of the pack.
Cuteness + muscles = <3

Glory (Glory, new comic book series)
Love Sophie Campbell's design. She's brutal.
(Not big into her plain personality though.)

Pippi Longstocking (book series)
World's strongest little girl who tells the most bizarre (true) stories.
She lives by herself. She's a style icon.
Suzy (Moonrise Kingdom, movie)
 A moody teen who runs away and gets marries.
She's temperamental and dangerous when needed.
(Pretty much the only Wes Anderson female character with a real personality.
Love you Wes but we've got a problem here.)

 Amelie (movie Amelie)
 A lonely young woman who knows how to enjoy the little things of life.
An awkward romantic and a whimsical dreamer.

Scout/Shadoweyes (Shadoweyes, comic)
Fights to make the world a better place.
Doesn't care about the rules.

 Cleo (Wetmoon comic book series)
 She's the nicest girl you know.
She's real bad at relationships.

Marie 1&2 (Daisies, movie)
Childlike female anarchists.

Merida (Brave, animated movie)
Freedom is her thing. She doesn't listen to her parents.
She doesn't need a prince her life.
She's a Scottish princess with flaming hair.

Belle (Beauty and the beast, animated movie)
She's "not your madame".
She loves books. She believes in true love just like in the fairytales.
She is brave and protective. She sees inner beauty.

Frida Kahlo (painter, also character in a movie Frida)
Strong minded beauty!
She did art.

Matilda (Matilda, movie)
The most intelligent girl who has magical powers.
She doesn't ask for anything or anyone's help.
She's an anarchist and a best friend.
A heroine of the perfect adoption story.

Usagi (Sailor moon, original anime)
A whining and clumsy teen with a magical mission.
She loves food and hates school.

Chihiro (Spirited away, animated movie)
All she wants is to save her parents and get home.
She's scared but she's a survivor.

Sophie (Howl's moving castle, animated movie)
She doesn't think that she's beautiful.
She has more character as an old woman.
She the best at cleaning up.

Clarice (Silence of the lambs, movie)
 She's smart. Love her accent.
She's a rare character in that genre.

We'd love to know about your favourite female characters! :)


  1. So many amazing ladies!! I love at least more than half of the ones on this list. ^.^

    Vegetarian Courtesy

  2. Love this post :]
    ♡ Dulce


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