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Moomin Mug Mania (in short form: MMM)

 Lind adores Moomins and we have a lot of Moomin stuff around the house. 
Especially mugs by Arabia. In this post I am giving my opinion about these mugs because as you might imagine these are all Lind's and the collection has gotten wider since I met her. I love moomins and I used to watch them a bunch when I was a kid. Moomins.. are... timeless..

As you see the mug is mostly gray with small parts of red colours. It's stylish!
All though it is not my favourite mug it's still quite nice. I prefer more colourful ones.
 This has some cute special characters within though. Along with characters I think the all around atmosphere in this mug is quite sinister, with tall dark trees and unsettling sun.
 I think the atmosphere that mug delivers is the best part. It reminds me from comet in Moominland. What a sinister but good book/movie.

This is one of the classic moomin mugs.
It's dark smoky green mug featuring Little My (Fin. Pikku Myy). Front and back.
I like Little My as a character and mug as well. It's nice but apart of My there's not much else to look at. I am not the biggest fan of the green shade. It reminds me of my childhood swamp.
Swamp monsters are scary.

Only one picture of this mug because print is copied in opposite side. 
This mug is featuring Snorkmaiden (Fin. Niiskuneiti) along with ''poet'' whom she adores... Apparently :D I like this mug it's nice and colourful with a lot of details. I love the look of poet and
 Snorkmaiden as characters. Sometimes she might abandon Moomintroll for handsome artists.
She just wants to be their muse.
Only downside is that Arabia is using this yellow/blue colour pattern in more than few of the mugs.
On a side note: Title of poets book is translated: Orchestra of the sea. Love that detail. 
He is a true artist. :D
Party mug! This mug has even more details but the best part is that the art is far from passive. The movement and action has been captured really well in this one. It really delivers the ''party feeling'' in every way. Yellow represents the lights and black shadows moving wildly, dancing. It's a moomin rave you might say. I think the mug is great but I don't like dancing or this kind of parties in real life so, I have to downscore this mug a bit for reminding me of those distressing irl moments. :D 
Don't worry mug. It's not your fault that I hate drunk people. 
(All though I think moomins don't need to get drunk to get on the dance floor. They just like partying. There is moomins for you. :D I just hope that would be case IRL but hey, many things would be better if world was like moominvalley.) 

Other side of the Snorkmaiden is being showcased here. She was part of Lind's post where she listed some of good female characters. I agree. This bright yellow mug is lovely in all of its simplicity. Mug fills me with nice warm summer feeling every time I pick it up. 
The look in Snorkmaidens face when she opens the treasure chest. Amazing..
 ''Hrmrh.. Shinies.. Must be mine''

Mooning moomin. I like this mug. Its really pretty and contrast is quite nice. Blue/white is not my favourite combination it reminds me of Finnish flag and let's just say that I am not very patriotic person. Luckily, this mug doesn't deliver me that feeling because shade of blue is different. I see myself picking this mug a lot. I like the simplicity and backside is the best part. Big booty.. 
On a side note: Lind's sister has this same mug and she uses it always when she is feeling philosophic. I don't really know the reasoning behind that but I guess you can see why. You know.. Mirror.. Ice.. Lake
I like big booty.

This mug is lovely it's more mature and less comedic. It has such comic book like story, even more than other mugs! Black and light pink is an amazing colour combination. I am big romantic and I really like the romance aspect. Mug's official name is Rakkaus (Eng. Love). One picture tells more than thousand words so, just watch the pics and embrace all the warmth of love. I know I do.  
Painting together and hugs.

Wow, many Snorkmaidens! What can you say we got our Snork priorities straight! I like this mug little less than yellow one. I think it is not as comedic. Or am I just fixated to Snorkmaiden's face when she is opening that treasure chest? Either way, I like this mug. It is quite girly. 
Smoky pink colour is okay but for example I prefer the mug before this one more. Pink and yellow work really well together though. In the bottom pic side I like the little pebbles on ground. Fantastic detail. I think it gives the weight to this mug. I can't really explain it better. We've got two copies of these now because we got one as a gift from my parents. That's okay. It is a nice mug! :)

This mug, yea I really like this one. It really doesn't have so much consistent theme, ''a story'' you might say, like most other mugs. It is more like collage. I love colours they fit nicely along with these plain outlines of characters. I think this would make great cloth print. In my opinion outlines look so good because the coloured objects and pink moomintroll doesn't have outlines at all. Coloured ones are also a lot bigger. All this It makes illusion that this mug is asymmetrical all though art has been copied through the mug. Great mug and it goes my top three absolutely. 

This mug is cute all around. I like the size composition and how upper half of the mug is only colour without details. It gives the accurate feeling of size to this characters Thingumy and Bob. Something quite different, don't you think? Size along with cute characters is the best part in my opinion.
Thingumy and Bob (Fin. Tiuhti ja Viuhti) are interesting characters in Moomin. They're so unpleasant in their own way that it is rather disturbing at times but when you get behind the symbolism and why Tove created and how she saw these two little characters is very melancholic and touching story. I think its quite misleading, that in English one in red dress is called Bob. Name gives Bob a sex, male. It's really incorrect translation because it ruins the purpose of names and symbolism what Tove meant within. (Back story here in case you're interested) They're supposed to be sexless.
On a sidenote: I love their little snouts and hey, they're just little bit bigger than a flower as you see.

Horse with flowers on its skin? It must be Primadonna's horse. Only one pic because print is copied on the otherside. This mug has a lot of colours and it really strikes as a different in this mug. I especially love the contrast that blue lake and turquoise horse have. As I mentioned in a third mug sky would be better as a different shade. Maybe a bit lighter along with yellow flower at the bottom. Characters are fine but I can't help it that this pic reminds me from scent of wet fur. 
It's a weird side effect of mine but that's just my problem. :D
(We all know that Moomins and horse have fur so, 
I imagine it wouldn't smell better than wet dog or cat.)

Moomintroll (Fin. Muumipeikko) is building a house. I am not the biggest fan of actual anime episode because it has disturbing side characters (krhm, My's sisters and brothers *point* *wink* *wink*). Blue mixed with some turquoise shades is what stands out in this one. Composition is quite nice as well. It is again something different because whole lower side of the mug is occupied but on upper side there is two big spikes (moomintroll). It's hard to explain what I mean but that is the best one I came up with. Nothing much more to say about this one. It's decent and I love the blue shade.

I love this mug. This my second favourite mug. I love Hattifatteners. They're expressionless ''elves'' who live just to get a trip from a lightning strike. Here Hattifatteners are having a tea party.
I mean come on that is concept to something great! Look at the faces! The expression is saying nothing and thousands of things at the same time. You gotta love that. And when you turn the mug around; Aargh! They're starting to get violent! It's amazing! Love the art. Also the colour is bright orange. All though orange is not my favourite colour I love this mug. It's a masterpiece.

And last but not the least in any way. My favourite Mug! Hemulen! I pick this mug every time it's possible. Hemulen is examining and by the looks of it collecting them. But what is in the jar with skull at side of it? Poison, maybe? Why? I don't know! But who needs answers when you have this handsome, balding hemulen to look at. On the backside I love how he sits on a tree stump wondering how he got that black furry ball to the jar in a first place.  I think the art composition spot on.  I love the purple and lilac as a colour and the shades in this mug. Hemulen is my homeboy.

We don't have all of the mugs there has been available.
I mean there is a lot but these are what we have.
Of course we have moomin bowls, plates and glasses but this was post about mugs.
What is your favourite of these or in general?

Hope you enjoyed reading this. This was lots of fun to write as well. :)


  1. You have the most perfect set of mugs!!!
    I'm dying of the cuteness from scrolling.<33

    Vegetarian Courtesy

    1. Thank you, Adi! Glad you enjoyed :)!

  2. haha cute post :D And moomins are great :3

    1. Thanks Susan and yea Moomins are amazing :)


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