Thursday, 2 April 2015

Egg the immaculate

Here's one more bath bomb.. Review? No, I don't review these. Even if I would, these reviews would be really unprofessional. I don't do unprofessional reviews. Not my thing.
This bath bomb is called Immacule Eggception. We bought this from Lush Easter set. Check out what else we actually bought here.
Yea, I used the cleaver again all though it kinda backfired and destroyed half of the bath bomb. Maybe I try not to chop it like a tree next time. 
I hear something inside this pink egg, so I could say, ''I am shivering with antici.. pation!''

But before I really wet my pants with all this excitement (Eyh, Gross),
 we take a look at this magnificent eggception. Front and back. Bright and dandy, is it not?

Such thematic photo don't you think? Egg sees it's reflection from the cleaver what is supposed to destroy all of its hope. Egg just watches the reflection, cries a little and *Crack* it goes.
Thematic? I believe that's not correct way to use that word. Why did I use that word? Who knows!
I know this would save me a lot time but you know... I don't know.. I like to write.. :c

Scent is quite mild. It's supposed to be chocolaty but it's not very strong I tell you.
 It smells actually more like candy. Not bad, no but quite ordinary. 
What a marvelous insides you got egg, my darling. Too bad you're de(a)d. -,-..
 Whats that yellow in the middle is? Is.. is it a bird?

Lets see... *Swoop* (Look my fingernails and tremble. I have bad habit to bite my nails)

Aargh! What is that abomination? That's not a bird! First of all it smells like citrus but that is what remains to be seen. Do I dare to touch it?

I dared.. Yea, it's a monster. 
I chuck the horrific mutant of a once beautiful bird aside and
 rush to the bath room with half of an egg with me. 
''Come on Lind! We're taking a bath!'' I yell and then notice that 
she was already standing naked next to me. Some dragons are faster that others.

Let's try different approach. Some familiar bottles on the side of the bath, yes? :D

*Sizzling and foamy noices*

Smells and feels quite tingly on my hands. 

It drilled a hole to middle. Gotta love that water.

Bomb left stains on my hand. Not big surprise. 
Real surprise was that this bomb melted really fast. Nice bubbling though.

Not the most original colour I must say. Still.. I don't notice chocolate fragrance as much. 
At this point Lind was already submerged. Who is taking these pictures? A ghost. 

So, we took bath and it was lovely. Not the best bomb ever I've gotta say but hey we get three baths from this one bath bomb. Two sides and one ''demon bird ball thing''.  Quite a deal I say. It's descent bath after all. Excluding fiasco bear there's no disappointing bath from Lush. Cheers!

I apologize that there's not much nothing else than bath/ramble posts from me lately but these pretasks are really time consuming. I wrote this in bit of hurry 'cus there was no post yesterday but hope you had fun reading this. :)



  1. I have a thing for bathbombs though I don´t even like bathing that much :D xx

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

    1. Yea, bathbombs are awesome! :D


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