Monday, 20 April 2015

Comet is coming!

We are waiting for mothersday (Mothersday is 10.5. in Finland) products to appear in Helsinki's Lush but we were almost out of bath bombs 
so we decided to pick something from Lush permanent selection. 
Lind decided this one. It's called Granny takes a dip and it smells like ginger beer. 
Sadly it broke a bit in shopping bag.
It's so bright and happy, don't you think? Its quite big for a bath bomb.
Argh! What a terrifying hand! Backside is pink too. We predicted water to be clear pink. Let's see..
Down you go, ''matey''! Yahahaarrrrr! That's my pirate voice.

Fizzly, bubbly, bibudibaii! That's my trademark pirate spell. I don't know what it does.

Colours are amazing! They're beyond what we expected.

Lind gave the melting bomb a little push into the right direction and Wow! It became a comet!
With a rainbow tail!

Oh no. Buddies are back and now they're after a revenge! Come on, buddies! Together you're strong! 

Why is this called ''Granny takes a dip'' is beyond me. It should be called rainbow comet or something like that! Love the smell. It's quite strong! Ginger is a really strong scent.
Side note: Lind likes ginger with sushi. I don't really enjoy ginger in any form :)
This reminds me of comet from the Moomins ''Comet in Moominland''. 
Great book and anime movie is quite good too actually. 
What comet symbolizes in story is really sinister and really showcases the bravery of Tove Jansson.
 I strongly recommend the movie to everyone. Picture is taken from Wikipedia.

I turned bomb upside down now its looking like as I would personally describe;
 a marshmallow monster on a rampage.. Yea that's quite accurate. 

Look its doing a circle!
Granny bomb lasts pretty long. Some real life Grannies last too long too if you know what I mean. 
Evil joke but hey! I am pirate after all.
(All though Víkingr means pirate in old norse but I don't really like traditional, ''real'' pirates. 
They're are not really my cup of tea in any way.)

This is bomb at the end of its life cycle. It took few minutes longer that any other bath bomb this far. Only Snow Angel lasted longer but it is a bath melt not a bomb.
 Performance of this granny was an amazing one or even the best we've seen.
By the way in case you're wondering the faith of buddies; They didn't make it.. this time either.. Revolution shall wait and no they're not agents of butter bear. That's ridiculous!
(I must stop referencing to a butter bear)

Water looked like grape juice and felt really soapy and slippery. Fragrance is nice and colour is strong. Conclusion? A wonderful bath experience all in all.

Thanks for reading! It was fun to write this and hope you enjoyed reading it!


  1. oh my god, these look so cool! Haven´t seen cooler lush bombs so far!!

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  2. Wow this is so cool, I have to read that book now! Love the illustrations of moomin.

    1. I recommend both book and movie warmly. Tove Jansson is amazing and we both love her! :D


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