Monday, 13 April 2015

Bathbomb mix with a horror story

What we have here? Something different! We are doing a mix of two bath bombs at the same time! We usually don't do this but this is a special occasion! This is going to be interesting. *Story marked with stars** as always*
*Good versus evil. Fight to the death on arena tub! On the right we have heart from the wonderful lovelocket bath bomb! VERSUS on the left the monster from the depths of Easter egg!*

Heart smells like candy and the ''chick monster'' more like citrus!

*Lind -Go Mr. Lovelocket! Lind cheers as the Lovelocket bows and steps to the arena! Monster just spits and yells something unnatural. 
Lind whispers me: That's odd.  
Ilar- What?
Lind -That sounded.. Like a prayer? Ilar shrugs.*


*Monster takes early lead as it starts to dissolve into the water leaving 
dangerous yellow traces in its tracks!*

*Smart, idling heart does not keep any rush. It lets opponent to drain its valuable energy!*

*plop* Goes the heart! Time to fight back! Lind cheers for the heart as it leaps into the battle!*

We noticed that the pink heart dissolved way faster than yellow one. Too bad.

*What is this! Monster is too strong! Heart doesn't stand a chance!
 What on earth is giving it to all its powers! This is just unbelievable!*

Yellow chic lats surprisingly long.

*Monster swallows the little pink heart as whole, drowning it to yellow water!*

Scent is quite mild. Nothing special.

*Ilar- Fragrance was very thin but somehow familiar? Lind nods and stares Ilar.
 Ilar -I've seen this before.. somewhere.. I... I just... Can't remember where...
 Only small fragments of pink heart remain as they get crushed by the might of the monster chic.*

To our disappointment water was only yellow. We expected more pink flavour or even something but no. :S at this time water was kind of cold because we had left it standing for a couple of hours.
 Not bathbombs fault. Well better luck next time.

*Water is totally overrun by this awful ''pee like'' water. Lind and Ilar mourn the death of the Mr. Lovelocket. As Lind and Ilar dove in to the water, they noticed something strange. Water was cold. Cold as the north pole itself. Lind -I am sure I used really warm water. I don't like this! What would be the answer to all of this strange events occurring by this monstrosity. Suddenly, haunting voice fills the bathroom. Voice - You have done well, my minion. No one shall escape. Ilar- What did you do to lovelocket! Why our water is so cold! Lind yells, crying -What have you done. monster! Voice laughs -Dead! And so will you! Soon enough! Ilar - Who are you?! Gust of wind shocks the tub. Voice - I am the one with thousand faces. Lord of the hundred maws. Bow, before my true from! Ilar - Answer me! Voice - I. AM. BUTTEBEAR! *swoosh* Water fills with thousands of monstrous chics. Lind and Ilar try to fight back but the chics overwhelm them and as the last light from the buzzing light fades away. *Clap* Ilar wakes up. Lind is sleeps right next to him. It was just a nightmare.. or was it?

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