Wednesday, 8 April 2015

About my music taste

We watched Rocky Horror picture show few days back and that movie inspired me to write this post.
 Because I really like vaudeville and musicals, all though I haven't watched many as I mentioned in  past post of mine. (What I like in movies? part 1-2½) I have started to listen Vaudeville again lately. I stopped listening it three years ago but one certain band awakened my longing for vaudeville (when I started writing steampunk children story) Steam Powered Giraffe (SPG).
I love Steampunk and SPG is a really great band. Outfits and live performances are amazing. Steampunk fashion style has along with British ''gentleman punk'' style has impacted my dressing up greatly (I am not talking punk style that is raped by mainstream who knows how long. No, I am talking vests, suspenders, bowler hats and such.)

Here is the couple my favourite songs from SPG

Brass Goggles was one of the first songs I ever heard from SPG.
I still think this is my favourite song. 
I prefer this ''studio live performance'' more than mixed studio version.

Automatic electronic harmonic is also great song. All though ''Spine'' (guitarist) sings mainly in this song I really like it! Solo is amazing, it's done so well.

About Rocky Horror picture show. I really liked it. It's very important movie to all humanity. It drove human rights and especially trans and gay people rights in 70s. 
This is amazing song from the movie. I love how it's a entry of main ''villain''.
 I use term villain very loosely.  Tim Curry did great job as Frank-n-Furter. Love you Frank.

What else I listen? Well I mentioned in the post ''What I like in movies? Opinions (not onions) about art of movie making 2/½2'' (read it here) that I love fantasy soundtracks but shortly I love a lot movie, game and just general instrumental soundtracks. 

This is ending song from game Dishonored by Jon and Daniel Licht.
Song is so melancholic and beautiful well made song to this game.
 I played this game two times through. So, good game. 
It is a Steampunk game about a thief... Surprise.. :D

Of course I have always listened metal music too especially core genres I mean hard-, metal-, deathcore etc... I have been drifting away from this type of music little 
but still it has special place in my heart. My love for tattoos is solely because of this genre.
My favourite bands from core genre are for example ''old'' Bring me the horizon, Suicide Silence (''Mitch Lucker edition''), Architects, Raised Fist.

It never ends is a really good song. Video is quite bad to be honest but 
music is really good and represents BMTH really well in my opinion. Band started as a Deathcore but I prefer their Metalcore style more. Sadly, BMTH is nowdays just electro music and I think i'ts awful.
It's so bad and that's so sad. It never ends however, is a great song!

Suicide Silence is a deathcore band. This song ''You only live once'' is my favourite song from them. Maybe the most famous one as well. Music video is boring but song, especially singing of ex vocalist
Mitch Lucker, is amazing. It's totally authentic and not faked at all. Is amazing. 
Side note: Mitch Lucker died in motorcycle accident in 2012. R.I.P Mitch.
 I don't really like their new singer. He just isn't as good.

Here's song from Architects; These colours don't run. This song has good message.
 Quite anarchist in a way but I think it supports more individualism. 
According to Wikipedia all band members are also vegan
 and that's always something you can respect.

Friends and Traitors is quite aggressive song. It suits Raised Fist's style. 
I love the energy flow in this song. Nothing much more to say about this song.

Here is something sinister to finish this post. Dimmu Borgir Symphonic black metal band from Norway. Yea, its really well composed for metal. Gotta love those sons of a demon. 
This song shares the band name but I still like to use it as an example because I think it's 
the best. Name Dimmuborgir is Volcanic formation in Iceland it means Dark Fortresses. This is the music video and nothing special on video front here.

So this covers it mostly. Of course there is plenty other kind of music I like but these are influenced my taste the most. Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing this.


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