Sunday, 26 April 2015

A Really Lazy Oaf

Lazy Oaf is a smaller but hot hot hot British brand.
I really love their lookbooks. Awesome styling and beautiful photography.
Good job!

I also love the collaboration collections. 
Looney Tunes, Garfield... GARFIELD!
I'm still feeling kinda blue 'cos I didn't buy anything from that collection.
But why I didn't buy anything? Lets talk about that!!

I own a few pieces from Lazy Oaf (love the designs!)
These leggings are super comfortable.
But they won't have as long lifespan as BM leggings (big fan of that brand).
Why the lifespan isn't going to be that long? Because of the crappy quality.

rat tits :D aww
My 2 tops are already looking old
(bought them in the end of 2013, I have worn them like 4 times each).


My beautiful LO boner bodycon dress has so much bobbles in it.
I was shocked that it got bad after a couple of uses.
This is how the bust looks like

Then I happened to check out the label. It said designed in London...
If it's only designed in London does it mean that it's made in China???
And guess what, THEY ARE.
I got really upset.
I don't like to buy more expensive clothing that's made in a country where you can get everything done cheaply. I hate it when people pay €€€ to crappy "brands" like H&M just to get a little cheaper item than a high end brand.
Why I don't like it? Because the people making those clothes don't get paid enough (at all!) and the clothes aren't ecologically made, and the clothes get ruined easily because of the cheap quality.
I haven't really worn this piece 'cos 1 size truly fits all. So no bobbles!
No wonder the owner of Zara has been one of the world's richest person.
He should thank lil asian girls for the money ;(  ;(  ;(

Just as a side note did you know that the fast fashion brand H&M owns: Monki, Cos, Cheap Monday, & Other Stories, Weekday... Zara owns: Massimo Dutti, Pull & Bear, Bershka, Oysho, Uterqüe, Stradivarius...
"Freedom of choice is just an illusion."

I'm not making this post to say that you shouldn't buy anything from Lazy Oaf.
Do what ever you want to do with your money. It's your life and your decision.

I just wanted to cry out my disappointment. LO I trusted in you (T_T) I was a fan.

I always try to support small brands and now I made a mistake of trusting in an independent unethical company. I fell for that "it started as a dream in my parents garage" -trick.
What I learned: always double check!
If you want to buy stuff (from LO) that lasts a bit longer, pay attention to the materials. 
My cotton shirt is something that is still looking quite decent.
And if you don't mind getting something that won't last for long and costs €€€, go ahead!
But if you haven't bought anything from them yet, be prepared!


  1. Woooow! I love your blog. I hope you will like mine

  2. Thank you for posting this, you've opened my eyes! Yeesh, imo it's really not worth it. I had been an admirer of Lazy Oaf but am taken aback by their subpar quality not to mention the ethical side of it. *bleh*
    ♡ Dulce

    1. I'm so glad (but also so sorry) that this post was helpful to you, Dulce!
      I wish people didn't make bad choices when making their brand's clothes :(

  3. Useful information, thank you. You're doing an awesome thing by publicly sharing your opinions on ethical production! Do not stop :) keep spreading the awareness!

    1. you made my day <3 thank you so much for these words :D
      YES, we won't stop ^___^


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