Thursday, 26 March 2015

What a Bunch of carrots you are! All of you!

Me and Lind have been applying to schools again in this spring. We are doing currently
pre-tasks which are required in order to apply in Finland.
 That's why posting has been a bit less frequent.
However, we took bath today and decided to use one of these carrots!
They're bought from Lush Easter set. Check what we bought Here.

This weird story what I had to write is marked with stars*
*-Here are the three carrot outlaws. Cruel Inquisitor said with stale voice.
-Part of carrot guild trying to bring down the kingdom of Lindworm. Inquisitor continued.*
Name of this product is Bunch of carrots.
 As I mentioned our Easter treasures post; Not the most original name.
These carrots don't smell like actual carrots though.
 Fragrance is actually closer to some kind of tropical drink.
 It's not the strongest scent lush have created but it is okay.

*-Who of you tree is responsible of attempting to destroy my alliance with Lord O'Gold.
 Queen Lindworm asked with arrogant voice. Carrots didn't answer. One of the carrots looked away.
Queen noticed this.*

Carrots look lovely. I like orange but Lind likes it even more as a colour. Love the green tail.

*-That one! One in the middle! Said Queen Lindworm. Ilar the Inquisitor obeyed without question.
 -This carrot shall pay the ultimate price. Queen continued. 
Carrots brothers tried to fight back but it was all in vain. Guards seized all resistance. 
Carrot in the middle, named Cary Rotter accepted its faith as the guards took it to a shower*

*And so, Mr. Rotter was sentenced to death! Carrot mumbled prayers to its pagan god of carrots as the death approached. -Be purged by water! Inquisitor preached and water started pouring.
 Like a storm on a hot summer day water struck violently the surface of water.
(On a side note, neither of us approve actual death penalty. It is immoral)*

Scent of melting carrot was nothing spectacular either. It was quite underwhelming really.

* -Let this be waring to all of you! Inquisitor yelled.
Fellow members of Carrot guild watched as their brother suffered under pouring water.*

Carrot created lovely amount of bubbles though. It's always lovely use these bubble bars.
We like bubbles. 

*Queen just watched with blank eyes as 
carrot mourned in agony! Bubbles filled the bath.*

This is the colour water had after we were done with the carrot. We were surprised that the water 
was more ''swamp water like'' than orange. Not the most beautiful colour I must say.

*Inquisitor cruel laughter echoed through the kingdom. The water was filled with remains of melting carrot. Orange blood and bubbles was all that remained from a once beautiful carrot being*

This is the result. Lovely bubble bath. We used the whole carrot but amount of bubbles 
carrot created was smaller than we assumed. Side note: Bubbles feel great on skin. 

*-It's done milady. Inquisitor said. -Good. Queen replied. Give traitors remains the rest of his pagan clan. Inquisitor nodded and tossed the head of carrot to ground before the living carrots*

This is all what was left from this bath. It was nice but not the best we've ever had.
It's gotta be said that the bubble bath can't be bad though. :)

*Carrots picked up the head of Mr.Rotter. -You will pay for this. For all of you have done, tyrant! Boasted Torrac the bigger of the carrots. Queen laughed and replied. -I dare you to try.
Carrots rolled away. -King butter bear shall rise again! Torrac yelled as both carrots disappeared to the horizon. Inquisitor -King is dead. I saw him melt! Queen watches the horizon, terrified and doesn't reply. Inquisitor swallows loudly as the evening sun paints whole sky red.*

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much I enjoyed writing. A bit longer story this time but hey I can't help it. My mind is really set on extreme story telling mode due pre-tasks. :D
 Its fun to write something crazy and light minded for a change.

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