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The Reward, Short film review

*This review contains Spoilers* 
You can watch the animation below before reading. 
The Reward made by Sun Creature Studio
Length 9:15 minutes.
Genre: Fantasy adventure animation


Wow, I don't know where to start with you here. There is so much I want to say about this film, yet I try to be as short as possible because I tend to ramble a bit as you might already know. On a important note. This is my opinion and that's why it's very subjective and should be treated as such.
Let's start from the beginning; I saw The Reward last year for the first time by Wörm's friend from comic school. Wörm had seen this before when she met her friends previous time. 
We'll come back to this end of the post. 

What did I think about the Reward? It was awful! It was so bad! I am not meaning quality but story and moral. They're just plain insulting! I don't know how to label this as, is insulting a genre? No, I don't think so but I could label this Fantasy Adventure with drama and insulting really bad comedy aspects? Yes. That sounds about right. I mean I hated the drawning style too. It's like B class European with heavy anime influences. I don't like it at all.

Worst point of the film is its insulting representation of women and I want to address this part first. Story begins when main character number 2 (named Vito, both of main characters are explained on info text below the video, because film is half mute) tries to hit on girl who rejects him. 
On the same time main character number 1 (Wihelm) sees a ''hero''. 
Hero just snorts and walks by a girl. Hero flicks girl on his horse back and girl looks happier than ever. On this shot you can see quite clearly girls ''sexy, little bit thong like'' underwear.
 In this very moment you feel disgust of how woman is going to be presented on this film:
 as an object

This is very shot important to the story.

Both of main characters motives are to become like the hero who got woman on start.
 So, basically their motives are to get laid. 
Every woman character is heavily sexualized and you can see how much work they've put into ''boob animation'', they're bouncing like crazy on every step!  Film reminds you constantly how sexualized women are. Every female side character is hinting something sexual to main characters.
And this scene isn't the exception.

Another unpleasant thing is
In The Reward, Vito is presented like a player, ladies man as you might say and 
Wilhelm is more quiet and shy one with the ladies. Most unpleasant thing about this is 
that part of Wilhelms growth story is to become a ladies man like Vito.
 It's just awful. This whole conservatism disgusts me!

Not only the animation insults women but also gay people. Only gay character in the film is a cliché. You can tell him to be gay right away, even though character is clearly a man the voice is woman's and every gesture has something feminine about it. It's like film is making fun of everything feminine and of course the only gay character is part of evil gang. Gladly, Wilhelm is there to dispatch that disgusting homosexual! We need men like Wilhelm! (there is nothing I want less actually)

This is the gay man.

 And this is the ''evil'' gang... Of course bad guys are: gay, woman & some kind of fish/frog man.
Something tells me that the woman's outfit wouldn't be very effective on battle.

I expected some drama aspects or even somehow proper drama structure but what I got? There is only one turning point. Only negative thing what happens in this whole film is in the middle of the movie. Can you consider it as a ponr? (=point of no return. Click here to learn about ponr.) 
No, you can't. Excluding this one scene nothing negative happens in whole film. 
Whole animation is apparently about journey of a straight man and 
every woman you meet falls on your feet and begs to have sex with you? What the hell?!
Point of whole story in my opinion, is to feel ''boy like hero fantasy'' in every step.

This is actually only turning point of the movie. It's when Wilhelm is ''betrayed'' by Vito.
This is clearly not a comedy so then I assume some form of drama arc. We've got non though.

What are the good things about this film? Well, it's half mute which I do appreciate. It's made totally wrong though. I hate that ''animation gibberish'' though! Just voice act a real dialog or keep it mute. No one cares about incomprehensible noises what are supposed to sound like speech! But I don't mind it too much in this film because there is a lot more wrong in it than the sound world.
 Music is mostly pretty descent but montage music with electric guitar is again really embarrassing.
(5:50-6:40 of the film montage music is embarrassing)

It's good thing that Wilhelm loses couple of his fingers in the middle of the film and that injury remains with him during the whole story. 

Backgrounds are drawn decently and coloured pretty nicely. I like colours.

It's really poor choice to change style completely with some things. 
In a nutshell style is all around semi realistic with anime influence does it stay that way. 
No, it does not. Why? I don't even know. 
Style changes sometimes completely for example these monsters here look like creatures from some anime. I hate how they are trying to be so kawaii.

And what the hell is happening here?! The eagle fits the style but
 the little bird looks like something Rovio would sue you on!
............. Angry birds, really?

All around I think the Reward is embarrassing cliché which insults women and gay people. The reward is about journey to get laid, told you by two white straight men.
If you strip this really bare, rip every bit of flesh story has until there is nothing but a skeleton there is a subject, a philosophy, it's about trusting people and needing people you can depend around you. The Reward fails to deliver this through though just simply and shortly. The reward = pussy. You can't focus on anything else unless you ignore every other aspect of animation and that, ladies and gentlemen, is not the reason why we entertain ourselves with movies, animations, reading or anything at all. We want whole, well made experience at least I can say I do.

 I am so disappointed to humanity when I read the comments in the video. Some people are unfortunately capable to ignore all aspects that made movie bad and only focused childish aspect of a boy fantasy. It just tells how bad taste some fantasy nerds have and I am really sad that this is commonly known as a reputation what medieval fantasy has : /

And now finally we get the last part of the post. I said at start of this post that Lindworm's friend had shown her The reward before. She didn't like it all. She said exactly same things I am saying to you and all she got to as a response was: "Linda, are you a feminist?" This was from a woman. Lind said "damn right I am but don't you see how wrong this treats women" and response to this was: "It doesn't matter. We don't care because it is animation it's not real world." If you think the same way, I facepalm to you. Why don't we got much good female characters? Because most people don't make them. Why? Because they. don't. care. Woman is only an object. A chair or a doll which you can please yourself on time to time, sadly most of the girls agree on this and this concludes my review on The reward. Would I recommend it? -Yes, Watch it closely and critically. You might discover something disturbing about world.. or not.

Hope you had fun reading this post much as I had writing it.


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