Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Souvenirs from Berlin

My sister was studying in Berlin for little over a month.
She was so nice that she brought us some souvenirs :D 
thanks again babby sis!
This backpack! Omg!
She knows me so well :D
It has a hood which is a friendly monster. I'm crazy about this fellow. 
She found it in the treasure land of Claire's.

Holographic teeth. Jealous!

The backpack is really spacey and it has a smaller pocket too.

I thought these were crayons 
but they are chocolate.
Chocolate is my favourite.
I tasted them already and I liked cornflakes the most :>

These kitties have the best expressions.
She bought this painting from a market. She bought some others too (a penguin one!).
It makes me super happy when people buy art from artists themselves <3
Good job, sis!

I can't believe that she got me this as a birthday present.
I'm so amazed and thankful. I've wanted this so much ; w ;
(my bday is on 29th but I guess she couldn't wait any longer ;))

I bet these two are gonna be my faves.
If I was a colour I'd be... Thrash?

It was lovely to see my sister again after a long time.
She was too kind giving us these babies <3
Thank you so much!

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