Sunday, 22 March 2015

Random ramble about games

Hello, it's Ilar here once again!
Today I want to talk you about video games! Yes! As you might know I'm a early 90s kid and I like video games. I grew up with them and still continue to love them. I've played a lot of games in my time but there were few that I really enjoyed. For example World of Warcraft multiplayer online game. I played that game over 7 years. Relatives and some people in general have asked do I regret that I was playing World of Warcraft with my friends for over 12 hours every Saturday?
 No, absolutely not.

 I wouldn't do it anymore as an adult because I've larger scale of interests but 
I can say it was best time of my life for quite some time. 
(Until I met a woman who we call Lindworm. She's the best.)
This is me and worm. Wow I look really young in this one. 
No mustache.. you know..

I have one particular upcoming game in mind which I want to enlighten my opinion about. Especially its characters. It's currently called Overwatch made by Blizzard but I heard name Overwatch is copyrighted so they're forced to change it. I am not fan of the name so I think it's for the best. However, that's not the point we are focusing on. It is the characters in Overwatch which have gotten some criticism.

So, shortly Overwatch is futuristic team based shooter what means you play it online and battle with other players in variety of different maps. It's based heavily on another popular game called Team Fortress 2 (official site here) made by Valve. Both me and Lind love TF2 and have played it quite much. The reason why we like it is that we appreciate comedy aspect along with relaxed atmosphere. It's nothing like Call of duty for example which is supposed to represent serious war and that is not fun at all.

Best thing about TF2 are the characters who have large variety of funny emotes and complex identities. All though sometimes characters fall on stereotype they still are most well made part of whole game. Saddest thing about TF2 is that it doesn't have any female characters which is rather disappointing. They wouldn't change a thing to a story or gameplay.

This is what Overwatch does differently; it has 6 female characters and one sexless character (robot, Bastion). These character have received criticism about their ''sexy outfits''. You can go check them on blizzard official site here.

Personally me and Lind don't think the outfits aren't anything outrageous. Yes, the french sniper lady has quite revealing outfit from cleavage part but there is nothing wrong that some of the females are using cat suits. No that's not unbelievable at all. You actually would use something like that rather than some kind of concealing drapes from you window. It's not surprising me at all that nobody is even paying attention to males which too have ''sexy outfits''. Though Most of the characters are heavily armored even ladies, like Pharah for example. You call that armor sexualized?


Overwatch has announced two new characters lately; Zarya and McCree. We both were amazed that they actually put really butch lady with a heavy beam gun along with the other ''girly girls''. That is really good thing that this game actually notices that there is a lot different kind of people out there. Zarya is a really important character and really fills us with joy! As a gameplay aspect neither of these new characters seem anything exceptional but I really like that they added such butch lady. It really brings nice diversity to this group and hopefully now even more people can relate to some of these characters.
McCree (Left) and Zarya (Right)

I am really looking forward on playing this game with Lind and my friends. I've heard from
gamers who have tested the game that it's good as it sounds.
Good job Blizzard keep up the good work!


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