Monday, 9 March 2015

Outfit: a story about the turquoise ostrich

I didn't really know how to call this outfit so I ended up with that.
I think it'd be a great name for children's book.

I fancy this creature. 
Are you an owl? Why are your ears so beautiful?

I adore ostrich's eyelashes and booty feathers.

Tooticky from the Moomins.
I live for Moomins.

Jake is a great character in Adventure Time. Lemongrab is... disturbing.
Children told me that I have dragon's horns in my hat.
It made me sound so cool.

Hat: Seppälä
Adventure time pins: PointyPins
Tooticki pin: Moominshop
Ring: Poola Kataryna
Necklace: titiMadam
Turtleneck: zara
Vest: Mango
Skirt: Seppälä

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