Friday, 20 March 2015

Outfit: Ice sharks

Now that it's spring, we wanted to take outfit pictures at the beach.

Ilar loves these shoes. 
He was happy to be able to use them after long cold winter.

Uh oh it's my real name :S Don't tell anyone!

We also found out that Ilar is the son of Nosferatu...
Jeans: BikBok

I'm not best friends with my dad but I have to mention him again on our blog :D
because he bought me these boots. 
I don't know why but he's always loved to buy his daughters' cute shoes as presents. 
I'm thankful for that!

I love that these sharks can swim upside down too!

When Black Milk had a sale a couple of years ago I went nuts and had to buy just something.
I thought the print was like an abstract painting but no. It was way better: fighting fish and goldfish!

I'm kinda embarrassed that I bought something without thinking
 but luckily I love these leggings so much. Phew!

This dress is from a small Finnish brand TanyaSum.
I love their prints so much that I had to buy this even though it's a children's dress.

I got this hand bag as a souvenir from my old school's cook... 
Always show respect to people who make your food ;)

 I got this pin in Finnish Black Milk meet up.
I think the unicorn looks bad ass.

Adventure Time pins: etsy PointyPins
Name necklace: Sugar and Vice
Dress: TanyaSum
Cardigan: Oasis
Leggings: Black Milk
Boots: Moon Boot


  1. The beach sounds like a nice place to be right now. Love all these bright colors!
    ahhh Nosferatu, I'm still laughing actually :D
    ♡ Dulce

    1. Thanks :D
      haha, I'm happy that you found it funny too! I couldn't stop laughing when I looked through our pictures 8D

  2. I am loving those bright colors and hair! That sharks dress is just too awesome.


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