Sunday, 8 March 2015

Melting Angel

Another bath post! Well what can I say? We like baths.
Today we've got Snow Angel bath melt by Lush.
Bought from Lush Xmas sale.
This is the package.

And this is what is snow angels true form! Behold!
 Front has lovely marzipan fragrance and pure snow white colour.
Behind we've got golden glitter.

Lindwörm got her fingers all glittery! 
Poor girl!

Why it's called snow angel is pretty self self explanatory. Love the mixture of white and gold.
It fits. Fits real good.

Here We have rare sight of angel descending to the.... bath? Apparently, so.


Angels are more bubbly than I would've guessed. Scent is quite strong and that really reminds me from marzipan.. or meringue?
We turned angel upside down and watched how other side started leaving golden
traces and glitter as it glided through the water.

We turned it upside down and noticed that it was taking a lot more time than usual to melt.
Our bath was warm as always but that's the magic of the bath melts I guess.
This is supposed to soften skin. We are bit more skeptical about it because of.. you know..
*whispers* Butter bear...

Poor angel. In the end.. Squeezed to death. Lind you are real savage!
I like it!

Result was golden mixed with little green coloured water. We saw traces of glitter and oil.
Oil is good. Scent is strong and pleasant. Let's take a dip and see how snow angel manages!
When we landed a bath we noticed right away how oily water was!

 After we rose from the bath our skin really felt more softer. This picture has taken few hours later and you can see some golden glitters attached to my skin. They're lovely though.

Good job Snow Angel. You really exceeded the expectations! Take that fiasco bear!
*Suddenly I feel strange wind gust in my hair. The haunting voice fills my head. I collapse to the ground from shock and I hear someone talking with unnatural. Monstrous voice;
I will return with vengeance! You thought that you can get rid of me that easily? Voice fades to nightmarish, cruel laughter.
My conscious returns. Lind just watches me as I rise trembling up.
I try desperately grasp to tell Lind what voice told me but words keeps slipping away..
This voice haunts me often but I believe that voice was... Butter bear.*

-Memoir of Ilar

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