Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Lush hot Staff

Lush's black pots and bottles are the most stylish...
but what's up with the sticker art?

The artist has made these poor people look like monsters.
Shame on you evil artist!

Grandpa Gorilla.


Self tan Scott.
He looks like a baby carrot with that long face.



Alien head

Put that blush down Dan, NOW!

I'm not gonna say that I wish they didn't have these big ugly stickers on the products. No.

I'm so thankful that they use the stickers. To me using Lush products is not only 'cos I want to use vegan(ese) products but also appreciate that they are made by real people, not machines.

Using stickers with the face of the person who made the product by hand makes me so happy.
I feel like the workers get more appreciation this way. 
And we know that the product wasn't made in a shady child labour factory in China.
Not to mention that the sticker tells when the product gets old.

But what I'm suggesting is that Lush should change the one who makes the art... 
or that the artist should change their style >:)


  1. Lol poor Dan. xD
    I like that they show us who made the products too, but they do look kinda weird. Hahah

    Vegetarian Courtesy

    1. Yeah, he should learn how not to be so heavy handed :D

      Glad you agree! (:


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