Thursday, 5 March 2015

Holly the shining mistletoe

This here is another bubble bar that we bought in Lush's Xmas sale.
It's called Holly Golightly I presume it's named after a character 
from a novella Breakfast at Tiffany's. 
I haven't seen the movie though but Lind has (when she was 16)
 and she told me it was ok; It had some funny moments and pretty clothes
but it was quite racist and story was so ordinary.
 Lind also says that its tempo was very slow as old movies generally do.
Neither of us know what this bubble bar has common with Holly Golightly.
Back to the bubble bar. This bubble bar looks shiny and it smells like ''spicy Xmas''
It contains cinnamon, clove and patchouli creating a herb fragrance which is pleasantly unique. 
Not a scent we are commonly pulled towards but it's nice.

Let's slice this bad girl and see what's inside. -Jack the Ripper.
I am sorry, that was tacky...

Colour inside has expected smoky green look.
Fragrance of herbs are unleashed at this very moment in our kitchen.

It made my fingers all glittery!

Go ahead, Lindy throw it in!
Lindworm says: I expect a green colour.

After landing to a hot bath Holly starts to melt right away.
Creating bubbles as it goes.

First comes the glitter. It looks nice, even in our poorly lighted bathroom.

As it blended with water it created odd star shapes.

You can see the glitter and colour well in this picture.

*more bubbling noises*

 And this was result. Looks nice does it not?
Lindy was correct beautiful green colour and very ''Xmas herb'' scent.
Scent is not as powerful as some of the other lush bubble bars have
but it's not by any means the weakest.

The bath was enjoyable experience, we liked it and after butter bear or more correctly
''anti climax bear'' fiasco we really appreciated this. 
We still don't know what this bubble bar got common with Holly Golightly. 
Lind just said one thing as I wrote this post and asked what she thought of the movie and I quote;
...The story was so ordinary. Basically point was that the girls like jewels..
That part stuck on my head and maybe, just maybe we had little bit of jewels with us in this 
beautiful, glittery green bath. Maybe that's just stretching it.. Jewels? Glitter? Stars? 
Who knows..... :)


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