Saturday, 14 March 2015

Golden Wonder, care bear bath bomb?

Another bath time with another Lush Bath bomb! This beauty is called Golden Wonder and we bought it from Lush Xmas sale. This bath bomb is huge! Way bigger than any bath bomb we've tried before! So, without further do let's take a look!
Funny story; I forgot to take picture from ''uncut'' product and I used the cleaver. So, shortly 
I whacked it with a cleaver and well... Other side kinda.. Crumbled. Well no worries I bet it will make a beautiful bath just as this one. However, this is what it looks like inside.

Here's picture from inside(up) and outside (down).  I didn't really know what to expect from this one.
It looked so golden from the outside but for my and Lind's surprise it was blue and had some kind on baubles inside! Lindworm said that the bath bomb reminded her from Care bears. Strange but I know
what she means. This is how Care bear autopsy looks like. Yea, that's must be it! 
They're aliens after all.. What? They must be!
On a side note; You can imagine what the bath bomb looked like as a whole by looking lower picture.
.....Damn cleaver!
*When water and bath bomb collide for the first time. 
This is the sound this magnificent event produces*
(I don't know.. Plop?)

It sizzled wildly and left golden glitter as the Golden Wonder melted. 

The pink spot is one of the baubles inside! Aww, look how it tries to be like the actual bomb,
You can do it, buddy!
(Spoiler; Buddy, didn't make it. This is a sad day for baubles)

This was interesting phenomenon! All the colours went to the bottom of the bath leaving upper half of the water crystal clear. That is the wonder part I guess or maybe this one was just special for us. 
Here is my great demonstration how it worked;
(No, I can't draw..)
Here's the bow from the top! It was the last part remaining. 

Look stars! We didn't expect this! It contained stars? o.O
This care bear thing is coming together piece by piece..
As the dinosaur document narration would say; Even the greatest will fall some day. 
The age on bow tie is over. It's only a shadow from its past form.
 As a bomb form Golden Wonder fragrance was very lemony and maybe a hint of vanilla.
but another surprising thing was that the scent was actually milder than we expected. It was okay but nothing spectacular. 
These are the results after whole bomb was melted. Beautiful turquoise colour. Love it!

In conclusion bath experience was great! This bath bomb really was one of the best we've tried.
It's always fun when something catches you by the positive surprise. 
I didn't expect much from you Golden Wonder but you were one of the best. my friend. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much I enjoyed writing it!

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