Monday, 16 March 2015

Easter treasures!

Guess what? We went shopping. To Helsinki's Lush store with an intention to only buy new 
''boob cream'' (Lovely Jublies) for Lindworm but there was the Easter collection.. and we're impulsive so one thing led to another.. 
Look a pink paper bag! Do you recognize it?  I hope you do! It's surprisingly heavy.. Wonder why..

..because we bought carrots! Bubble bar bath carrots. As you might have noticed we love baths so this was natural fit but to be honest we haven't really tried putting carrots to our bath before. This product is called Bunch of carrots. That's not very whimsical if you ask me.
Picture below presents ''real carrots'' as comparison. Straight from the fridge. 
Believe or not we actually like carrots as an vegetable. (In Finland we call carrot porkkana)

Bunch of carrots smells like sweeter candy carrots...Which is lovely!
Unlike real carrots! Which smell just like... Carrots. 
You disappoint me ''real carrot'' if that's your real name. Harharharhar.

This is an egg bath bomb front and back. Again it's for bath. 
We were offered to kinds of eggs yellow and pink. We chose pink. Both of these eggs have different surprise inside. 
I can't wait! When we shake it we hear something inside? What it might be I wonder.. Reminds me from love locket that we had on Valentine's day. Egg is really nice colored and it smells like sour candy!

This is egg is called immaculate eggception. That's more like it!

Our last lovely shampoo bar ''perished'' (RIP Honey I Washed My Hair). All though our last one had 
suitable joke for us and lovely honey scent we decided to go with something new! Seanik!
Lind says it smells like 90s toys. Which I assume is a good thing. I didn't really have toys growing up, I just used the sticks from the woods to use as my sword... Also it's blue.
These are not seasonal products. It just happened that we needed shampoo bar.

Here's the boob cream. This is not seasonal product either. 
It's for Lindworm. Not me. I don't have boobs. Smells good though.

This is a hand soap called Somewhere Over The Rainbow. It smells like fruit salad! It's glittery and chuck of a big wheel of rainbow colours. We chose the blue chunk because we both love blue. We also learned that the glitter Lush uses now days is made from seaweed. More you know! This is seasonal product too. On a side note: We have Easter before mothers day in Finland so we had only Easter season products. It's fine though. We go there when mother's day items appear!

This is something.. Weird. I wanted this because its scent was so strange. This is called Pot O' Gold and its a shower jelly. Gotta love jellies! I love leprichauns and everything Celtic so it pushed me towards buying this too. It smells like pineapple ice cream. Weird right? 
Even that bug is interested what pineapple ice cream would taste like... Golden bug might I add!

So this covers our haul. Seasonal products you can find on Lush website for limited time.
(Excluding Seanik and Lovely Jubblies which are not seasonal products.)
We can't wait to get trying these bad boys / girls!

Thank you for reading. I had fun time writing this!


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