Sunday, 15 March 2015

B&W Outfit: Pleather Potter

As you might have noticed my last ''lookbook'' was all about green and yellow.
This is my next project; black 'n' white + one colour -outfits. 

Pleather Potter would be a great porn star name. 
You can take it if you need one.
I don't mind.

I don't use these shoes as much as I should.
They are just so hard to put on and take off.

BM did such a great job with the Hogwarts collection.

Philosopher's stone. Is mine.

'lar let me borrow his sunglasses.
They are the perfect potter shape.
 Okay, maybe a tiny bit bigger.

Hat: Fredrikson
Sunglasses: Ebay
Tshirt: Black Milk
Bag: Ted Baker
Shoes: Minna Parikka


  1. Ugh, I love your outfit posts!
    You have such a lovely array of clothes and accessories on your wardrobe.<333

    Vegetarian Courtesy

    1. aww thank you so much, Adi >w<
      I'm happy that you like them because I'm willing to keep making them :D
      dressing up makes me happy!

  2. really cute outfit, and your hair color is so beautiful xx


    1. thank you for your kind words <3 :D

  3. love the ring! and your hair, it looks great here :)


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