Friday, 13 March 2015

Art in a cup

My relatives wanted to buy me some more practical gifts a couple of years ago.
So I ended up getting a beautiful collection of tableware.
They are all made by this amazing artist Klaus Haapaniemi.

Not many months ago they released a new collection from Klaus.
It's called Tanssi (dance). We had to start collecting them too (:
The scary characters and the atmosphere in Tanssi reminded us of Roald Dahl's Fantastic Mr Fox.
 Ilar fell in love with these creepy creatures of the farm.

 They remind us of the Beatrix Potter's not so happy stories for the children.
They look evil and I bet they are cannibals too.

 Just look at these ominous details!
Scenery from the dangerous woods.

 In this mug Klaus presents us some more new characters.

 Big boy Bambi.
 Mister Evil.
 And this Gentleman with leeches in his pants.
Love the details! And the colour scheme, of course.

We only have those two from Tanssi so far
but we have a bigger collection of Klaus' Korento (dragonfly) series.
 I love the size of the mug.
It's huge.

 For some people these plates might have too much going on but for me it's a joy to explore the world the artist has created.

These plates make me smile. They are so much more fun than a white blank plate.

 Mushrooms! Wonder if they are poisonous...


  It's not enough that the flowers and dragonflies are extremely detailed they also have colour variations. 

We're so happy that they make as detailed plates as these.
They make dinner time more magical.


Thank you for reading and commenting :) It makes us happy!