Wednesday, 11 March 2015

About Gravity Falls...

Linds friend was visiting us few weeks back and introduced us to a animation series called Gravity Falls. We watched couple episodes and thought it was okay. We needed  ''a dinner show'' what to watch as we eat our dinner. (because we had exhausted the resource called Netflix) We watched the show up to 10 episodes but then we decided to stop watching. 10th episode just was too much. Don't get me wrong it's not that bad of a show but it has some really annoying elements in it which I will explain below.

We at first were a bit skeptical about Gravity falls but first episode convinced us to watch more! It had elements of horror, fantasy and general sinister atmosphere was intriguing.  Genre reminded us of a movie called Pan's Labyrinth (esp. El laberinto del fauno). We both liked that movie quite a bit so that encouraged us to watch more.

Second episode was okay until the last few minutes of a show. The climax and the message that particular episode delivered was not very inspiring. Quite an opposite, really. Neither of us can't relate to the message it had. I suggest you watch it yourself and form your own opinion about it. However, we by passed that episode as variance of good and bad episodes so we continued watching. Little did we know that this was sing of something much greater problem.

We noticed how Gravity falls changed. Characters, world, they changed. In the end when we decided to quit watching the show. It was not a horror, fantasy what pushed us to watch the damn thing. NO, It was a bloody teen drama. Wa? what? who? Who am I? I don't know! What is this show now I don't know! How this happened? Where did the monsters go?! Every episode had some form of romantic attraction element within. I don't care about teen drama. Its embarrassing enough as it is don't rub it on every show. Stop that! I know it attracts teens and kids but no. That is NOT what show promised. Yes it had romantic attraction in first episode too, yes yes but no, no. The ambience, the sinister atmosphere were the point and it suddenly its gone. I mean what.. what is this? Main characters suddenly swapped indentities? Sure?...No? I don't get it.

Also as a side note; the morals and messages didn't improve at all they kept bad as in second episode.

Main characters are  12-year-old dipper and his twin sister Mabel. Neither of us liked Dipper but Mabel was descent. Dipper grew to be a really annoying as we watched show more. Even Mabel changed after couple episodes. It didn't matter that much because those changes pushed show away from teen drama but thanks to Dipper teen drama did not go away and we started hating Dipper even
more. Dipper is the smart one and ''the hero'' of the show. No thank you. What it comes to voice acting Dippers voice sounded like a grown man. Dipper is not a man. He is a boy. There is just slight difference.. (click here to find out why I don't like heroes)

Mabel is silly optimistic and all in all pretty descent character. She is somewhat funny and interesting due her social awkwardness. It really adds plenty to the show. Voice acting is fine.

We have mixed feelings about third important characyer Grand uncle ''Grunkel'' Stan. He is allright in cases because he is so imperfect in every way but he is just way too ordinary character design. Voice acting is again bit ordinary but not bad.

Fourth character that we consider worthy is ''Soos'' the handyman. Soos is lovable man-child who is quite funny actually. Soos and Mabel are only characters who really make this show watchable characterwise.  Soos' voice is spot on. He reminds us of a friend from Lahti artschool. 
Just a nice detail.

Fifth character I want to address is Wendy. She is just plain boring and in this show just solely to represent teen girl and Dippers crush. Nothing much more to say about her. Voice works though.

What made us stop watching. References. They were the worst! Both of us hate these clumsy references about pop-culture. Argh, and for example the last episode we watched (10th) had nothing else than references. Another thing we don't like is when animations, movies or anything all does this following thing; reminding of the past. Gravity falls and another show we watch regularly Adventure time does this all the time. It's explained in Adventure time because show locates to post apocalyptic world but not in Gravity falls. No! No one does mix tapes and past time at the arcade now days. Stop! we've seen this in like a billion show before. It was fun at first time but this has been up for more than four years. Come on these shows are aimed at kids who are born in 20th century.
 Arcade and mix cd. Characters are dead serious about this all though this locates to 20th century.

Shortly Show is not for us. Too much references and ordinary plot with too many ordinary characters. Nah, pass. You can't rely on two charaters (Mabel and Soos) to carry a show for you. We really gave Gravity falls a chance but it didn't fill the expectations. We haven't watched more than those 10 episodes but I think show should keep you interested whole way.
I bid you farewell Gravity Falls. Farewell!

I can't really write shortly... I really need practise that but as you might see in the text above English is not my native language. Hope you liked it though. Its always fun to write these ''short'' opinions.


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