Saturday, 28 February 2015

Valentine's Day, Little bit late

Hello. It's Ilar here all though there reads Lindworm on the post. She just turned the photos in 
and I handled the writing. Hope you enjoy!

So, what happened on our Valentine's day post? Truth must be told, 
I forgot that we even had these pictures taken. No matter, I will tell you what happened, little bit late.

This is our Valentine's day's feast.
Worm loves sushi so I bought her unagi* sushi rolls for dinner. She loved them.
For me I personally love Asian food but this time I bought kebab with fries. I am boring, I know.
For drink we had Strawberry Fanta and raspberry soda. Lind usually prefers juice and water over sodas because she isn't very keen on bubbles. This was special occasion though
*Unagi means Eel

This was her present or at least part of it. I don't remember what species this flower was but we called it a mystery flower. I had little trouble at looking for a suitable jar where to put it. I ended up putting it to a beer glass. She said the flower looked like roosters wattle. She liked its colours and general
strangeness. I like it too. It looks like pine cone nowadays.

 I am also not sure what the little flower on the right is called. It was pretty too.
(Side note: I bought her also a dress which is introduced one of her outfit posts ;)

We had also berries to compensate all sweetness. We've got Strawberries and blackberries. I am big fan of blackberries and so is Lind. She is a strawberry girl though. As you might imagine.
We had Daim cookies (upper right) for tea time and 
heart shaped marmalade (Upper left inside a Hemulen bowl). 
We also had Rouge Sorini, nougat filled fondats 
(low left, for a better angle of view check first picture).
Worm absolutely adored these all and it made me really happy.

After I saw these on market I couldn't resist the ''romantic box of chocolate'' cliché.
Especially when other one name was Lindor. I call her that all the time.
Lindors were really sweet milk chocolate balls filled with milk creme.
Geishas were fantastic like always.

I also saw this when I was in the register of the market. It's a lollipop shaped like a heart.
I grabbed it with me without paying (just kidding) and made her real happy.

So, as I mentioned this is little late but hey it's still February.
I hope you all had wonderful valentine's day. I know I had ;)


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