Monday, 16 February 2015

Secrets behind locked heart

I bought Lindworm a gift for Valentine's day. It's called Love Locket by Lush
It is a bath bomb shaped like a heart... but wait I hear something!
There is something inside!
Damn it Lind, you lost the key again!
Time for plan B:
Grab me a knife, Lindworm!

*Shling bling*
This is a knife! (If you look closely you can see stains of ''blood'' in it)

*Sounds of cutting, sawing*

What do we have here! Inside this big heart is a smaller heart.
A baby heart you might say. In Helsinki Lush store I was told
this bath bomb would last three baths. One for each half and little heart inside.
Kinda cute idea if you ask me.

Looks promising enough.
Here goes nothing!
(In pirate voice) Yarrrgh! (No, I don't know why)

Argh is bubbly. And pink. And has lots of little hearts in it. But seriously it was lovely.
Love locket made our bath smell really good. Scent was vanilla and candy like but
at the same time slightly lemony.

Bath also sparkled beautifully. 
Best thing was sizzling noise when I dropped the ''bomb''.

Little hearts sank to the bottom. But it was okay because
it was time for a hot valentine's day bath for me and my beloved Lindworm.

We just love Lush bath bombs, aren't they just a best?

Thanks for reading this short post. Hope you enjoyed!


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