Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Paradise kiss? What? Anime?

Me and Lind watched anime named paradise kiss. All of its glorious 12 episodes.

I'll be honest here. I've never liked anime or manga, Excluding Miyazaki (Love Miyazaki. Big fan)
and Moomins. I don't even count Moomins as anime. They're only labeled as anime because they're animated in Japan. I have watched anime when I was kid, even read some manga but no. It's not working for me but you are free to make your own conclusions about that genre.
If you disagree with me, it's ok. It doesn't make either opinion wrong or right.

Why don't I like anime? You might ask.
Well, answer is pretty simple. As a script writer, story structure is in most importance to me and sadly
storytelling in anime is really, and I mean really bad. Humour is tacky and childish and every aspect of drama is non existent even when they're labeled as drama.
Also animation is super lazy and its very poorly drawn. (and yes i know why it's lazy.
Much anime. Must be fast.. blah blah blaaargh.)
A lot of boring stills and talking heads with literally only eyes animated.. No thank you.
Don't get me wrong Wörm and I like Asian live action movies. Especially Japanese horror with their grotesque details and interesting cinematography but that's not what we are focusing here.
The worst part of anime is: culture. I am not going to go much detail on this because this post would be awfully long post but anime culture is awful. It is just so embarrassing! I know my share of Anime fans and let me tell you... Wow.. Just wow... These people ruin everything about this beautiful country named Japan. Every bit of spiritual harmony and ancient mysticism. (also Samurai. Ruined. Destroyed!) So, I thank every anime fan for that! Thanks guys, girls or whatever you are called now days..

Art below by Lindworm. Thanks again love :)

Enough rambling about bad anime because there is some, small percent. (I think it's close to 5%) of anime which is actually okay even good.  Horror/artsy anime is often pretty all right and I've noticed these are genres that I consider OK.
Now get the second point of this post. Paradise kiss. I think it's sort of artsy and actually pretty descent. This is not a review so, no spoilers for you!
(All pictures are taken from actual show from website KissAnime)

Characters from left to right. Arashi, Miwako, Yukari ''Caroline'', Jooji ''George'', Isabella

Lind had watched paradise kiss before. (She doesn't like anime either but has studied it much more in animation school. Than I am in movie school) I was bit skeptical at first but I ended up liking its style quite a bit. Even intro/outro music weren't that bad. Humour was kinda awkwardly funny and it is all thanks to characters who were interesting and imperfect human beings which I really appreciate in character development. Characters really were best part of series. Also fashion and art school scenery were very fun to watch as me and Wörm have both been on art school.
(Art people are weird and wonderful) 

(Below) Arashi and Miwako are great characters. Both cracked me up many times.
Arashi is so angry but an emotional punk and Miwako is so cute and a silly girl.
Both of them have conflicts within as good characher is supposed to be
That's why I consider them my favourite.
Also fashion styles for both of these are amazing. Absolutely love them.
London punk style is something I've always loved!
Miwakos cute looks and fashion style reminds me from my beloved Lindworm.

(Below) Yukari ''Caroline" and Jooji ''George'' Caroline is protagonist whose growth story viewer follows through the series. George is second most important character. George might be best made character in whole series. He has very much conflicts and he is so unpleasant at times but still so sophisticated. He's quite serious but rarely cracks up a joke or two. Very well constructed character. 

(Below) Isabella is least shown main character. She has real potential to be best character but she doesn't get much screen time to explain her past so unfortunately she falls bit short of being interesting enough. Even though she has major conflicts within her. We both would have loved them to open up bit more than in one episode. Either of us hasn't read the manga show is based on but 
apparently she is explained a lot more. Still like her in the show!

Also you can see how much animators love cars.
It was funny detail which actually weren't supposed to be funny.
Picture below is one of the many unnecessary close ups from cars but It was
more funny than annoying. Gotta love them cars, maaaan!
( I don't really like cars, I mean they're handy but.. Naah. Not my thing.)
These half animated photos are nice touch tho. I kinda like them!

In paradise kiss animation was very lazy and some things were really poorly drawn. It didn't bother much though. In one scene there is still shot of a coffee cup when two of the characters are having an argument. It was lazy yes but it kinda fits this very artsy animation.

Look the size of that guitar! It's bigger thank anything else in this room! It looks like contrabass rather than ''normal electric guitar'' what it's supposed to represent.

Some shots just as this are structured mostly around stills and has very little animation in them.
I would have absolutely loved that kind of shot in a live action movie! It leaves story telling solely on dialog and if it's well written. Magnificent! (I don't really love dialogue in movies/animations because it is often so poorly written and pointless.) but we are talking about animation so it tells the shot is there mostly because of lack of time. But it fits. It fits good.
As a side note; Dialog in this series is not bad. I kinda liked it actually.

This is one of the most beautiful, symbolic and artistic shots in the movie.
 It's fully animated. It's from the only episode which gives depth to Isabella
and specially friendship between George. I think it's gorgeous.

Worst part in animation is walking. How hard it is to make proper walking animation?! It's abysmal!
It's the first thing animators are taught and as animation teachers say: If you can't draw good walking animation. Cheat! Cheat somehow that it isn't visible to the eye. Whether it is piece of blocking scenery or recomposing character to not show character waist down for example!
However, I like paradise kiss. It was good series which I can happily recommend to watch if you are interested more artsy shots and interesting characters and setting.

I had fun writing this as you can see it always leads up a lot of text. Again. Hopefully you enjoyed it tho'. Take care.


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