Friday, 27 February 2015

Outfit: Tiny bit of Moonrise

I got inspiration to this outfit from our favourite director's lovely movie: 
the Moonrise Kingdom.

These are the only heels I have ever broken.
I got these boots as a souvenir from my parents when they visited Italy.

I have this print in red and dark green too.
In love.

Bugs are the best. Especially as jewelry.

I remember using this cutie for the first time when I was 4-years old.

Ilar (who is my private photographer) asked me to half smile... like Bebe in RuPaul's drag race.
I guess I did... okay?

This is my father's old hat. I think I was allowed to take it with me.

Glasses: Archipelago of Scandinavia
Shirt: thrifted
Dress: Ivana Helsinki

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