Saturday, 21 February 2015

Outfit: Neon Melon

I'm so over with Winter! I'm waiting eagerly for Spring to come back.
Inspired by the lovely spring
I'm trying to come up with a bunch of looks with neony yellow/green colours as the main colour in the outfit.

BlackMilk's bodycon skirts and dresses are famous for rising up annoyingly.
So I was a bit skeptic about buying this melon peplum. 
Luckily Ilar convinced me to buy it because I llllove it! 
Peplum skirts (and shirts I suppose) flatter your body the most beautiful way possible.
You can show off your curves but hide your tummy. IF it's an insecurity of yours ;)

Melissa shoes are the best! And still I have just one pair of pumps :0
They smell like the toy Trolls!

I bought this bow when I was in London (8 years ago..?).
I remember that the salesperson was a super cool looking man. His skin was really dark and his right eye was blind. Contrasts! As an artist I was inspired. Plus he was such a polite Brit :)

Hat: Stockmann
Bow: Claire's
Shirt: Ilar's closet
Peplum skirt: BlackMilk 
Pumps: Melissa + Vivienne Wetwood 


  1. I love how from afar it looks like a strawberry but upclose it's a watermelon. :)
    Belle is one of my favorite Disney girls.<3

    Vegetarian Courtesy


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