Sunday, 22 February 2015

Outfit: Babanana

Can't go out like this yet... I still need my cardigan, moon boots and furry jacket.
I never wear pants btw.

I love yellow bananas. Green banans taste like danger.

These pumps are just perfect!
At first look you'll think yeah cute basic pumps but then...

BAM! Double vision. No! Double heels.
They look just like lil headless animals' legs.

My fave bag is getting old :'(

"Thanks a lot, Tom of Finland"
I think this button is genius. Is just what you need to say to him. Thank you.
For being brave, good laughs and erotic art.

I dropped this rose ring once and... 
It must be like 7 years old and broken but I still like to wear it :)

Glasses: Andy Wolf
Dress: BlackMilk
Skirt: Seppälä
Bag: Ted Baker
Pumps: Aamu Song

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