Saturday, 14 February 2015


 I'm a huge fan of Body Shop's body butters.
My skin type is dry and gets bruised easily... (which is a whole another story)
 So these bad boys are the best!

 When Body Shop's Christmas 2014 collection first came my sister hyped me about the new scents.
I visited Body Shop and wasn't impressed. Then I had to buy a new hand cream and ended up buying Vanilla Brulee. I fell in love.
After that incident I bought all 3 new seasonal body butters.

Glazed Apple was the one I thought I liked the least -but! Turned out I loved it the most.
It smells like a melted candy. And I love candies! Ilar liked this the most too. 

This is the most sophisticated one of the trio. It's my 3rd favourite of them too.
Ilar pointed out that Frosted Cranberry and the green guy have much more soft consistency than your regular body butter.

 I tend to buy body butters whenever I see them on sale. I love almost all of the scents. This one as you might guess is lovely blueberry!

 Nutty scents are pretty neutral an lovely if you ask me. We both love Shea a lot.

I'm not the biggest fan of all things coconut like Bounty chocolate bar for example. But I love it in my cosmetics though! This body butter has a lovely but super strong scent. I really like it but I've heard that asthmatic people don't approve it...
Ilar liked it too but he asked if we could take a lil break from buying it... :)
Our bed sheets smell like coconut whenever I'm using it.

 I got this tiny body butter from my friend 'cos she didn't like the smell of it.
I don't mind the smell of olives.

 Talking about moisturizers, this is my trusted face moisturizer. It last about an year and does some good magic to my dry and tender facial skin. 

Letting my poor hair go through bleaching I try to pamper it as much as possible.
 I recently I bought this Fabulous Oil. I apply it whenever I feel like my hair craves for a lil' bit of love.
It seems to be working... at least Ilar told me so...
and I always believe him :)

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