Sunday, 8 February 2015

I didn't ask for blue hair

Let's talk about hair dyes!

So we wanted to have xmassy hair colours in December 
and picked up a perfect Xmas pine green La Riche Directions: 
Alpine Green and Pillarbox Red wich is a great gnome red.

 Alpine Green turned real dark on my hair (especially in the old ends of my hair).
I really liked it! So xmassy. And different for me.
But I don't have any better pictures of it :/

Pillarbox red is a perfect cold toned red. Some of my coloured-hair-hater-relatives even gave me compliments because of the red 0_o

 But when you wash it Bibbidi-Bobbidi-BOOHOO it turns blue!
After one wash with cold cold water Alpine Green got a bluish shade.
After 2/3 washes it looked like I had just coloured my hair with Atlantic Blue.

The colour was vibrant and nice... but I didn't ask for it!
I was pretty bummed.

We were aware of that Pillarbox red turns into beautiful pinkish purple 
and it did but not as fast as Alpine did.

Ilar's shorter hair wasn't as dark as mine but still a lovely festive green colour.
It didn't even fade into a perfect blue but stayed in its greenish state.

So yeah, my experiences with green hair dye has always been that it just fades lighter and never leaves your hair ;)
Alpine Green is a different case. It's so blueish that it fades into sea blue.
BUT if you have short (and fresh) hair, it's just a darker green all its lifetime.

I guess we still looked quite cute in our pink&blue hair.

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