Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Dying Hair Pink: How To

We change our hair colour once a month 
but this time we were patient enough to wait 2 weeks longer to bleach our hair. 
It's a big deal you know :0
So here's a step by step dying process for you.
 We thought we might do this kind of posts in the future too... Hope you like it!













 Before bleaching we soak our heads in coconut oil.

 When all of the hair is covered in oil then it's time to bleach.
Coconut oil helps the hair not to get too damaged.
Bleached hair is ALWAYS more damaged than natural hair but because our natural hair colour is too dark for crazy colours,  we just have to deal with it.

Look at my tooth paste hair!
We leave the bleach in for 30 mins to (absolute maximum of)1 hour.
 Coconut oil slows down the whitening process that's why it can take even as long as 1 hr.
1 hour is fine with shorter hair like Ilar's.
You can also just use bleach in the roots but our hair was still covered in the old wrong colours so we bleached everything.
My sister doesn't use coconut oil when she's bleaching her roots so she washes the bleach off after 15 minutes.
In the other words it's important to keep your eye on the bleaching process. As soon as your hair looks blonde enough you can rinse the product off.

We also bleach some of our facial hair wich is big no no.
We don't recommend it but we just want to be honest with y'all. No secrets in this relationship!
So I, Lindwrom, do bleach my eyebrows with hair dye. Sorry! It's risky (if it gets to your eye) but nothing bad has ever happened to me. So you can do it but it has its own risks.
If you doubt your bleaching skills, you shouldn't do it. Let the professionals do it for you :)
We are not professionals we are just crazy (and cool) people.

Ilar bleaches his beard and moustache. He says it's painful at first and it must not be healthy breathing those hairdye toxics... But yeah, he still does that 'cos he wants to look cool.
There might be healthier bleaches to be used in facial area but we haven't found them yet :(
If you know were to get the right products, please tell us <3

Shortly: we use hair dyes on our facial hair, we know that it's not for the best and we don't recommend anyone doing it but we can't lie about using it and we are still alive.

Up: rose red mixed, left: flamingo pink, right: pillarbox red. All mixed with conditioner.

We used 4 different shades of pink (Rose Red, Flamingo Pink, Carnation Pink, Pillarbox Red) to achieve this colour. Dyes we use are La Riche Directions.

Colouring your hair with crazy neon colours doesn't damage your hair. The bleaching is the only damaging part of hair dying process.
The colours we use are semi permanent so they're hair conditioner based. We also mix the colours with hair conditioner (with no silicone. Silicone prevents colour absorption to hair) to get more product.
You must leave the dye in for minimum of 1 hour. It helps the colour to stay in your hair longer and the hair feels so soft after long conditioner treatment.
We let the dye stay in for 2-3 hours. I've even slept all night with the dye in my hair, because again: it's not damaging, it's just good for you :)

Then we rinse with cold water. It's the worse! But it's lethal to rinse your coloured hair with warm water. It kills it.
Then we use some more conditioner, then rinse again with cold cold water.
Then pat dry with a towel. Never use hair dryer (with hot air), it's bad for your hair.
After that: leave in conditioner (organic).
And we're done!

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