Thursday, 5 February 2015

Cookies and recipes for witches!

We baked cookies today or rather I could say Wörm baked but I am proud of my contribution as a 
tea man. Jar in the middle is from my sister. It was our Xmas present. When we wondered where the packing date is at, she said it's from some cabin in the woods. It was bit suspicious but eh. She is real country potato so we let it slide. I am sure these cookies will be harmless. Not ingredients bought from a witch to bake some evil monster to destroy our world? Right? Cabin in the woods? Anyone?
I am so glad that Lind knows how to bake. I've always wanted to learn but I was raised as a ''Man'' and according to my father ''Men don't bake or clean''. And no I am not a ''manly man''. I prefer to be weird writer... However, we just mixed ingredients and stirred it to a fine paste.
Ingredients: 1 Egg, 1 Mystery jar and 100g butter
Step one: take 100g of room temperature butter and put it in to a bowl.
Step two: add a Mystery jar. Mystery jar contains: goblin eyes, yeti fur and swamp slime.
(but honestly it did not read what it contained. Only recipe how to bake them)
Step three: add an Egg and stir. (no shaking)

Then take the dough and use your hands to make approximately same sized balls out of it and put them on a baking tray. I was really good at making these bad boys. Behold my masterwork!

Then put them into a oven (200 Celsius hot) for 15 minutes and boom! Done.

They look delicious don't they? No? Well yes maybe but I like them and so did Lind. They are beautifully light brown. There might be a Mystery Bun in picture somewhere.

For drink I had white pearl named white vanilla tea. I really love it! and for Lind we had Strawberry white hot chocolate. It contains white chocolate and strawberry powder. It's really sweet and lovely. Just like Lindworm :)

Cookies tasted really good. We weren't fond of walnuts but otherwise they tasted sweet and soft. 
All tough when we were eating them... I am sure I heard them giggle and whisper some unknown language... But maybe that's just me. 


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