Monday, 9 February 2015

Chocolate and bread cosmetics shopping

I bought us some facial masks.

In a 5 pack they were a couple of euros cheaper. I had to have this chocolate set!

We used this one last night. It smelled sooo gooood.

I bought this seaweed one separately (of course!). 
Peel off masks are so much fun.

 How to use... we relaxed with the masks on while playing Orcs Must Die 2.
We finished the "Yeti story" and then washed the masks off. 
What I'm trying to say is that you can wear a facial mask for an hour (or more).

We bought Lush's new facial wash Movis a while ago. 
After wearing masks we used this thing. It's pretty soft wich made me wonder if it'll last as long as Coalface... But when using Movis, we noticed that it was much more foamy than other Lush facial soaps. It doesn't look brown on the skin either. It's just like a foamy face wash.

Movis looks like a bread. This morning, after washing my face Ilar said:
"You smell like a sweet bread. Like a limppu (rye bread)!"
My family called my Limppu when I was a kid. So it was FUNNY.

Eventhough I'm a big fan of all things sweet, I don't mind my facial washes smelling a bit different (and unique!).


I kinda adore people who can do reviews on cosmetics and stuff... but I guess really don't.
I'm that kind of person who sticks to a product that seems to work and doesn't make my skin worse.
Switching products too often stresses your (facial) skin out. My skin has always been healthy (no (acne) medicine needed) so I bet stuff like Lush's vegetarian products can be trusted.

But yeah, we won't be telling you stories how this and that item changed our lives for two days. But instead, we'll show you some cute mostly (...Lush...) natural products.
We're pretty boring in that way but we do have large collection of bathing stuff... :D


  1. I've been curious on trying these masks. I recently developed minor cystic acne and unfortunately, even Fresh Farmacy from Lush irritated my skin. :(

    1. Sorry to hear that :( When you find a cure to that, I'd love to read about it on your blog :) !!


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