Thursday, 26 February 2015

Butter Bear, mystery of bathbombs

This here is a butter bear. All I can say is that we really looked forward on using it.
We bought it from Xmas sale from Helsinki's Lush. Here is link what else we bought
Let's see how it turned out shall we? :)
We didn't needed knife this time because we thought that bear was too small to cut in half.
Good job in avoiding that knife you... Lucky... Bear? Teddy? 
I've got nothing...

Butter bear smells like chocolate butter and vanilla. Sounds delicious to me.
Apparently it's supposed to make you skin feel soft and fresh.
We will see about that!

Care bears unite! 
....I mean butter bears of course. Wink*

Our honorable butter bear, we'll salute you!
Now, off you go!

*Fizzling sound* Right after I threw butter bear in it starts to fizzle like crazy.
 Loving it. Bath bombs are fun that way.

Bear also leaves some kind of oily contents to bath as it melts.
That must be the butter in butter bear.
We are used to strong scents from products of Lush
 but this is actually really mild. We don't really smell vanilla in it.

Outcome is quite sparkly but otherwise very colourless. It looks like someone
dropped couple tea spoons of oil in our bath.
Well, looks is not everything. Let's take a Dip!

After we rose from long hot bath but didn't see any difference.
 I said let's give it a minute but no, nothing.
 Worm's got quite a dry skin but she didn't notice anything notable.
Oh, butter bear, you were the worst bathbomb so far. For now on I call you anti-climax bear!
Or maybe it was me for hoping so much from you and didn't give you a fair start?
One of the two.

Kaboom! Lind wanted to go see if Lush had any valentines day sales. 
They didn't but Lind picked up American Cream hair conditioner;
Solely because it smelled the best. Vanilla milkshake is my favourite.
I've always liked vanilla. Don't know why.
She hasn't tried it yet but I am positive that it works 
just as good as every other Lush product has worked for us!

Fun little post we had here. It was fun to write something easy like this for a change.
Hope you enjoyed as much as did I writing this.



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