Friday, 20 February 2015

about Linnea Olsson's music

I'm not the most terrible hipster when it comes to music  
I have noticed that sometimes I'm quite picky even when it comes to music I really like.

Anyways, some years ago I found this amazing singer/cellist Linnea Olsson . I fell in love with this "acoustic session" video on YouTube.

I can't even imagine how many times I've watched that video! It's the best. 
Linnea is so adorable and the song is more than my cup of tea :)

Then I waited for her first album Ah! to come out.
And when it did... 

My heart was broken. I hated the finished version of my favourite song Dinosaur.
Ilar (as a music nerd) pointed out that I tend to like "unfinished" songs and this is just the case. I can't stand the echo in Linnea's voice. It ruins the song for me :( 

I can't tell if I'm just being picky or if it really does make the song so different from the acoustic version... but I just can't listen to the album version of Dinosaur or watch that hideous music video.
I love all things retro but... that's not retro. It's way too realistic!! Just like a student budjet music video from the 80's but in HD. And a real boring one too D:

Okay, so it came to the time of the second album. Wich was way better.
But... I kinda only love one song I sat down next to you.
It's amazing! I can't relate to the story ;) but the song is cheeky, cute and clever.
It's definitely one of my favourite songs at the moment.

I guess I just went so bananas about I sat down next to you so I haven't really payed attention to the other songs in the album. They didn't enchant me at the first listening but I do appreciate that they didn't mix them to sound as annoying as some songs in Ah!

I've listened to Linnea's acoustic songs on YouTube and I do love her style.
I'd love to see her live and I did miss her first gig in Helsinki 8( I got the news a week too late. 
It was so sad! 
So yeah, next time she comes to play in Finland, I'll be in the crowd. Cheering <3

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